Tile Inspiration for Your Kitchen

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Need an update in your kitchen, but don’t want to invest in a complete kitchen remodel? Sometimes just adding or updating your tile backsplash and painting the walls a new color is all you need without breaking the bank. Here are some inspiring ideas that will help modernize the hub of your home from some of our past remodels.

Classic White Subway Tile

There is nothing more classic than white subway tile. It serves as an elegant solution for almost any kitchen style as evident in this white kitchen.

Kitchen Subway Tile

Crackled Subway Tile

This crackled tile in a longer format (3×12) lends itself well to the warmer tones of this kitchen while providing an antiqued look on the surface.

Kitchen Crackled Subway Tile

Hexagon Elongated Tile

Interesting shapes and colors are a wonderful way to bring modern style to a traditional kitchen. In this kitchen we used a large, elongated hexagon with a crackled finish which accomplishes just that.

Kitchen Hexagon Elongated Tile

Herringbone Tile Pattern

This herringbone tile is one of the most classic patterns for a kitchen backsplash that adds a nice textural look by using any subway tile to create visual interest.

Kitchen Herringbone Tile

Double Herringbone Pattern

A unique twist on a this classic pattern, the double herringbone is the perfect way to creatively utilize subway tile that results in an intricate-looking design.

Kitchen Double Herringbone Tile

Marble Tile

Using a natural stone backsplash, like marble, has aesthetic appeal, durability, and the ability to elevate a kitchen backsplash with individually unique tiles.

Kitchen Marble Tile

Beveled Tile

Using tile with a rounded bevel edge creates just enough movement to avoid a monochromatic or flat look to your backsplash.

Kitchen Beveled Tile

When designing your kitchen there are so many surfaces and materials to consider. Make a practical and design-led choice by using tile to give your walls the ”wow” factor! From patterned or colored options, to shaped or simplistic, the right tile and layout can make all the difference. If you like where you live but would like to “Love Where You Live,” give us a call.

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