home remodeling final walkthrough

What To Expect on Your Final Walkthrough

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That special day has finally come! The day you have dreamt about since you began this crazy journey… Your “Final Walkthrough” with your contractor! Just as you have experienced in the rest of our process together, we want your final walkthrough to educate you and give you peace of mind that your final project is just as we set out to accomplish. In your final walkthrough, we review all the spaces that we added or modified. We confirm the Scope…

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remodeling warranty

What is a Warranty & Why You Should Care

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When I say the word warranty, I know I hear a general groan of “how boring”. I would rather be reading about an ice cube melting on a hot summer sidewalk than to read about a remodeling warranty. But the reality is, if you buy something you expect it to work and if it breaks (no fault of your own) you expect to get it fixed or replaced. And now, thanks to Amazon that is getting very easy. If you…

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remodeling partners calendar

Choosing the Best Remodeling Partner for Your Remodeling Project

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Buyers beware! Remodeling partners rank second in customer complaints as reported in an article by Remodeling Magazine and according to the Consumer Federation of America. You might be asking why a remodeling company like ours would want to pass this bit of unfortunate press onto their potential clients and consumers. Well, the answer is quite simple. We value YOU our homeowners and want to educate you as best we can when you’re considering a remodeling project. 3 of the Biggest…

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Pot Filler Placement above Stove

Considerations for Pot Filler Faucet Placement

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We like Wolf / Sub Zero appliances and they have helpful information on their website. Homeowners who are undertaking a kitchen remodel often ask us about pot filler faucets. While Wolf doesn’t have specific location recommendations, here are some of the considerations we feel are important: Place the pot filler to the left or right of the cooking surface so you don’t have to reach over the cooking surface to use the faucet. If you place the pot filler above…

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