Popular Kitchen Remodeling Questions

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We always keep track of what blogs we write and which ones people seem to find most helpful. I thought I’d take a moment and share a few of our top kitchen blogs as they summarize how we approach a kitchen remodel project, our processes, and some considerations we make that other contractors might not. Here are our top three blogs plus a bonus at the end!

How much will a kitchen remodel cost?

Well, I wish I could give you an exact amount in this blog, then move on to the next question.  Unfortunately, because every kitchen is different, every home is different and every client is different there is no specific rule for costs. But there are definitely some things that impact cost – from a basic face lift to a whole kitchen addition and every kitchen in between, we share some pricing considerations in this blog about kitchen remodeling costs.

Isn’t a kitchen remodel messy (and inconvenient)?

The short answer is, “it can be.” We go to great lengths to prepare and protect your home during any remodeling project we undertake. From your floors to your HVAC system, it’s important to be thoughtful up front about how to protect the parts of your home you don’t intend to remodel. You can read more about how we manage the “mess” of a remodel in our site prep blog. Remodeling your kitchen can be inconvenient too, but we’ve compiled a list of considerations we take into account when getting ready to start your remodel to make things as easy on you as possible.

Won’t I have to make lots of decisions during construction?

Not to be cheeky, but no! Actually, you’ll make lots of decisions during the design process. If we’re making decisions or changes during the construction phase, we run the risk of overshooting the budget or lengthening the timeline. We don’t like surprises and neither do our homeowners, so by making decisions about everything during the design phase (e.g., floors, sinks, faucets, appliances, counters, cabinets, lights, pot fillers, wet bars) we’re able to accurately forecast the budget and timelines for the project. We’re flexible and can change based on homeowner requests and having a solid plan up front helps us all to be on the same page when making changes that may impact budget and schedule. And, yes, there are lots of decisions to make. Feel free to check out our other kitchen blogs for some of our thoughts on kitchen trends and design.

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