Getting Your Kitchen Remodeling Project Started: It’s Not as Scary as You Might Think

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Starting a kitchen remodeling project can be a very scary endeavor, even similar to going on your first blind date. You might be asking yourself, “What should I wear? Where are we going? Will they show up on time?” The only thing scarier is that this blind date will be at your home and in your kitchen!

Let me help dispel some of your fears when you remodel your kitchen with Corinthian. Before we ever swing a hammer or pick out tile for your backsplash, you will have had your “pre-date” or what we call your Pre-Production meeting.

Pre-Production Meeting and Kitchen Remodeling Project Planning

At your Pre-Production meeting, you will review your kitchen remodeling project scope of work with your project manager. During your pre-production meeting, your project manager will explain all of your pre-production responsibilities as well, like emptying all of the cabinets, appliances, and relocating furniture. During this meeting, we’ll also discuss what items will be saved and where those items will be used. All of these conversations and walking through the nitty-gritty details will all take place before the critical “start date” arrives.

Project Site Prep and Setup

Once your crew arrives to start the project, they will begin with rudimentary stuff like posting a sign in the front yard and the building permit in the front window. Then the site prep will begin including installing floor protection for existing floors and dust protection to contain dust at the work site. These activities are critical to protecting the areas of your home that are not being remodeled.

Other Timing Considerations for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Please keep in mind, when remodeling your kitchen one of the first things to go will be your kitchen sink and one of the last things to be installed will be your kitchen sink. So, plan accordingly and don’t expect your first cup of coffee to come from your typical “watering hole”.  It is always a good idea, even if you plan on eating all your meals out, to have a secondary kitchenette set up with basic things like running water, a refrigerator, a microwave or hot plate, and the all-important trash can. Our clients have used their laundry room that has a sink or a basement wet bar as a secondary kitchen during their remodel. And if those are not available, a secondary bathroom can work too.

Now that we discussed your Pre-Production meeting, some preliminary responsibilities, and some site prep considerations hopefully we have alleviated some fears you may have getting your kitchen remodel started.


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