Our Shameless Plug aka Why Work with Corinthian When Remodeling Your Home?

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Why Corinthian – Who we are

We are a full-service remodeling contractor. We engage in all types of residential remodeling and renovation projects. From bathroom and kitchen remodels, all the way to whole house renovations and tear downs. Basically, if you own home but don’t love something about your space we can help you. As opposed to specializing in just one type of project like basement build outs or deck projects, we have experience designing spaces are both beautiful and functional for your needs. We work in the north side of Indianapolis to the northern suburbs of Carmel, Zionsville, Fishers and Noblesville. We also work in the Geist and Morse lake areas.


Corinthian Homeowners – Who we work for

For twenty years we have been working for homeowners who value beauty and functionality that is balanced with long term return on investment on their remodeling dollar. Our homeowners aren’t looking for the quick “flip” or cheap makeover but rather appreciate personalized design that will endure the test of time with high quality products and experienced craftsmanship.


Corinthian Experience – What it’s like to work with us

Professionalism. Because most of our homeowners come from the professional community and so they expect professionalism when it comes to their remodeling project. Professionalism to us means good communication, well defined Design Retainer Agreements, thoroughly written Scope of Work and readily available construction schedules. It also means design sensitivities that represent our homeowners but also bring them new ideas and the latest home technology. Our homeowners have very demanding lifestyles and they hire us as to bring their design to life, put the details together and then trust us to oversee their projects so they don’t have to.

Process. Once we sign a Design Retainer Agreement with our homeowners, we “build” their entire project on paper BEFORE we go to a construction contract. This helps in a couple of ways. First, it is a smaller step to take before committing to the entire project. And second, we want our homeowners to know what their project is going to cost with their specific selections from flooring to faucets to drawer pulls. This work allows us to make adjustments, if necessary, before it is “too late”.

Possibilities. Many of our homeowners have a good idea what want. Who doesn’t have a Houzz or Pinterest board when planning for a remodeling project? But often they are unsure of the specifics to what can be done in their home with their space. Can this wall be removed? Will the power supply support a new addition? What if we want to add windows here? And how much is the project actually going to cost? These are all legitimate questions and concerns. We work with our homeowners to figure out how we can make their possibilities a reality.


If you’re a discerning homeowner looking for beauty, functionality and want to make a wise remodeling investment, give us a call. Or learn more about the types of kitchen remodels, bath remodels or other projects we’ve completed.

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