How Much Will My Bathroom Remodel Cost?

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Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes and serve some of your family’s most intimate activities. So when you are ready for a bathroom remodel but you are wondering how much will it cost, we wanted to break down some various bathroom scenarios that you could use as you plan.

Basic “Face Lift” Powder (Half) Bath Remodel Project

We will begin with the basic “face lift” powder room or half bathroom – just a lavatory sink and toilet. It seems simple enough but let’s look at some of the details. This remodel project consists mostly of cosmetic changes like new flooring, trim, lighting, mirror, vanity, lavatory sink with faucet, bath fan, bath hardware, toilet and paint. When it’s listed all out, it doesn’t seem like such a simple project does it!

A face lift powder bath remodel project is typically between $8,000 – $12,000.

Upgrade Powder (Half) Bath Remodel Project

Let take a powder room and rearrange the walls, door, or fixtures such as the sink. The remodel work includes tearing out the existing space including toilet, vanity, lights, mirror and flooring. Then we reframe the bathroom, drywall and install new floors. From there we complete the cosmetic changes like new vanity, faucets, bath fan, toilet, mirror and paint.

An upgraded powder bath remodel project is typically between $12,000 – $25,000.

Secondary (Hall) Bath Remodel Project

What about remodeling a secondary bathroom also known as the hall bath which would have either a full tub or shower in it? Like the powder bath remodels described above, your secondary bath can get a basic face lift or a full upgrade. Both remodeling approaches require tearing out the existing space.

For a face lift project, all amenities will be replaced where they were originally located (e.g., a new toilet will be installed where the original toilet was located). The tub/shower walls and floor get new tile. Then we complete the cosmetic changes including new vanity, vanity top, sink, faucet, mirror, lighting and bath fan and the room is finished with new paint, trim and accessories.

A face lift secondary (hall) bath remodel project is typically between $25,000 – $30,000.

You may also want to upgrade your hall bathroom by relocating amenities like the toilet or moving a wall or door. These changes are added to the remodel work described in the above hall bath face lift

An upgraded secondary (hall) bath remodel project is typically between $30,000 – $55,000.

Master Bath Remodel Projects

A master bath remodel project has a seemingly infinite number of options to consider. For simplicity sake I will break this down into two different basic scenarios: (1) Remove and Replace using the existing space and (2) new spa-like master bathroom.

Remove & Replace Master Bath Remodel Project

The R&R master bathroom remodel using the current ‘bones’ of the room leaving all doors, windows, walls in their current configuration. The remodel work includes removing all amenities and fixtures. A new soaking tub and new tile shower with new fixtures and shower enclosure would be installed. Then we add new double bowl vanities, sinks, faucets, lighting, tile floor, trim and paint.

A R&R master bath remodel project is typically between $50,000 – $80,000.

New Spa-Like Master Bathroom

A new spa-like master bathroom is the “Full Monty” so to speak! With this type of remodel, we typically create a whole new layout and feel for the bathroom. Items that would be considered in the new design would be “zero” threshold showers with linear drains, frameless shower enclosures, radiant floor heat, steam showers and, yes, even fireplaces. When we say the possibilities are endless, they really are when creating a new spa-like master bathroom.

A spa-like master bath remodel project typically starts at $80,000.


Bathroom Remodel Projects for Any Need and Any Budget

Please keep in mind that many of the homes that we work on start in the $400,000 price range. And that these are just ranges to help you get started. There are many factors that affect bathroom remodel projects including the amount of square footage, the amenities (e.g., soaking tub, radiant floor heating, fireplace) as well as the final finishes selected.

If you are considering a bath remodel, please give us a call. Or read more about our next steps of a Design Retainer Agreement, as well as the importance of a well written Scope of Work.

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