How Much Will My Kitchen Remodel Cost…Now?

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As more of us continue to choose to invest in our current homes rather than purchase new, we often look at our kitchen as a main area to renovate. Between watching HGTV and the often-unrealistic budgets and timelines we see; and the cost increases due to supply and demand; and transportation delays, it was time to update our prior blog from 2018 on just how much a kitchen remodel really can cost…now! in 2022.

Costs will vary dependent on the size of your home and how vast the scope of the remodel is. But this may help give you a “ballpark” of costs in the pandemic/post-pandemic world we are living in.

Basic “Face Lift” Kitchen

What we call a “Basic Face-Lift” for a kitchen remodel consists of mostly cosmetic changes. Painting the existing cabinetry to reuse with new knobs and handles, new countertops, a couple new appliances, new plumbing and lighting fixtures and possibly new flooring and wall paint.

Costs you may not consider in a simple face-lift kitchen remodel:

  • The cost for us to prep the site to protect the rest of the house free of kitchen debris and dust.
  • The demo and removal everything renovate specific.
  • The cost to schedule, monitor and supervise the job including managing subcontractors from start to finish.
  • The cost for the painter to take off all cabinet hardware, fill hardware holes, sand, and paint the cabinets.
  • The cost for the electrician to come out to do the rough in work, followed by another trip out to install new lights.
  • The same with the plumber.
  • The cost for painting walls, includes drywall repairs, and numerous trips to prep, prime and paint.

A “face-lift” kitchen remodel is typically between $65,000-$80,000.

“Pull and Replace” Kitchen

The Pull and Replace Kitchen uses the current ‘bones’ of the kitchen, leaving all doors, windows, and walls in their current configuration. This remodel includes removing and replacing all cabinetry (including redesigning cabinet layout for efficiency and beauty). It also includes new counter tops, appliances, plumbing and lighting fixtures, installation of a new tile backsplash and new flooring. Projects like this typically include new drywall and paint as well as electrical work, moving light location or addition of lights including under cabinet lights.

A pull and replace kitchen ranges in cost between $80,000-$120,000.

“Expanded Kitchen” Remodel

The Expanded Kitchen stays within the current exterior walls of the existing house but involves removing interior walls, relocating windows and doors to expand the footprint of the kitchen. The remodel work includes tearing out the existing space to the 2×4 framing and recreating the kitchen from scratch. This type of kitchen remodel is great to increase kitchen square footage, improve workflow and function, creating connections to other living spaces. This project would be a totally new kitchen from the subfloor up!

An expanded kitchen remodel is typically between $120,000–$200,000.

“Kitchen Addition” Remodel

kitchen remodel additionThe Kitchen Addition Remodel changes the exterior footprint of the home to create a larger kitchen and consists of adding a new foundation, new exterior walls, and roof system. Projects like this typically include also adding a mudroom, powder bath and/or laundry room as well. Like the expanded kitchen project, the remodel work includes tearing out the existing space(s) to the 2×4 framing. A totally new configuration would be designed and all new everything would be included: cabinets, counter tops, appliances, plumbing fixtures (and plumbing), HVAC, electrical, drywall, trim, flooring, and paint.

A kitchen addition remodel is typically between $200,000–$325,000.

Kitchen Remodel for Any Need and Any Budget

While these prices sound exorbitant to many of us, keep in mind that many of the homes that we work on are in the $400,000 plus price range though we also work on homes less. The pricing ranges we gave are ranges to help you start to process through the actual costs of a remodel. Many factors contribute to the pricing, including the size of the kitchen and spaces to be remodeled. The amenities and level of finishes you are desirous of (i.e., a microwave drawer vs. a countertop microwave). The cost of the appliances, lighting, plumbing, countertop material and level of customization in your cabinetry are all costs you determine and have control over. We are a design/build firm and would love to talk with you about your kitchen remodel. Or read more about our next steps of a Design Retainer Agreement, as well as the importance of a well written Scope of Work.

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