Corinthian Design/Build Process – Your Unique Project, Our Proven Processes

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Each homeowner comes to us with a unique vision for their home. Our experienced professional team will listen carefully to translate your ideas and dreams into a beautiful and functional living space. We will guide you through essential decisions about the style of your home, space planning, materials, fixtures, color, and every aesthetic and technical detail that will set your home apart from the ordinary and allow you to love where you live.

Pre-Design Phase

We want to truly understand the scope of work you are looking for and determine if we can meet your needs. From our initial phone conversation, we strive to get to know you and the type of project you are looking to complete. This is a great time for you to ask us any questions you have related to your upcoming home renovation.

  1. Initial Phone Consultation– gather pertinent information relevant to your potential renovation.
  2. Design/Consult Meetings– discuss the feasibility cost range for your project and the Design Retainer Agreement and its fee.

Design Phase

Upon signing of the Design Retainer Agreement, the fun begins!  Determining the design details, such as the layout of the space and selection choices like lighting and plumbing fixtures, cabinetry and countertops, tile and flooring is where you will begin to see your vision laid out.  We work closely with our homeowners on every detail to ensure it all comes together cohesively. We will write a comprehensive Scope of Work that is specific to your renovation and design/selections. We will have our estimator and subcontractors determine the actual cost for the renovation. Your entire project will be built on paper from start to finish exactly as we have collaboratively designed before the first hammer is swung, and we will present project costs based on your specific selections rather than on allowances.

Meetings start with the Design Team

  1. The Designer will work with you on space planning and selections.
  2. The Estimator will write the formal Scope of Work and work with the trades on actual costs.
  3. The Draftsman will do conceptual drawings.

Construction Phase

The design is completed, the budget is set and agreed upon and the contract is signed. Your project’s materials are ordered and building permits are obtained as applicable. Our online portal is available to you 24/7 and includes every detail of your project-from documents and photos to your project schedule. This personalized schedule shows what is being worked on during the renovation and allows you to track the progress towards completion. From start to finish, your Production Manager will be your point person to ensure production stays on schedule is completed with efficiency and accuracy by our team of skilled craftspeople. Let’s face it… remodeling is inconvenient! Living through construction can be tough. We work very hard to make sure the process is as painless as possible by leaving the workspace swept and tidy and protecting all unaffected parts of the house.

  1. Your project will continue to be discussed and progress reviewed with our entire team on a weekly basis.
  2. Your Designer will remain in touch and provide oversight throughout construction.

Once the final finishing touches are completed, you can start enjoying your newly renovated home. We will touch base with you on your project anniversary one year after your job was completed to ensure you still love where you live and everything continues to function to your satisfaction.

We are dedicated to ensuring our homeowners are completely satisfied and love where they live.

Create the Home of Your Dreams