How Much Will My Bathroom Remodel Cost…Now?

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This post is an updated version of a prior blog we wrote in 2018, and we thought we’d revisit it in light of the “new normal” involving increased prices by subcontractors as well as their availability, increased pricing of all product from lighting and plumbing fixtures to tile and vanities. Unfortunately, we are also now dealing with import delays, product shortages, and trucking and freight issues. This leads to significant increases in all pricing from just 5 years ago which is why we wanted to write an updated blog.

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes and serve some of your family’s most intimate activities. Many of us are desirous of bathrooms with an updated aesthetic and function and looking at a bathroom remodel can add value to your home as well as improve your enjoyment with those necessary functions. We often get the question, “how much will my bathroom remodel cost?” This question is hard to clearly answer, as it is based largely on the scope of the work to be done and the finishes (tile, plumbing and lighting fixtures, etc.). We wanted to make it a little easier to decipher at least estimated ballpark ranges, however this is still very dependent on the bathroom to be remodeled and the finishes/selections you choose.

basic bathroom remodelBasic “Face Lift” Powder (Half) Bath Remodel Project

The basic “face lift” powder/half bath is mainly cosmetic changes, and as with all of these renovation types, you are able to have control over cost based on the “selections” you choose. This type of remodel consists of changes such as new flooring, lighting and plumbing fixtures, mirror, a bath fan, and paint. Sometimes it requires a new vanity as well. Some of the hidden costs that most homeowners don’t think of that add to the cost are the site prep, demo and removal of all fixtures in the room, drywall as needed as well as paint or wallpaper. At least two trips by the plumber and the electrician. It also involves continuous supervision and scheduling of the job and oversight. Not such a little powder bath renovation anymore, is it?

A face lift powder bath remodel project is typically between $18,000-$25,000.

Upgrade Powder (Half) Bath Remodel Project

An upgrade powder bath remodel is everything that went into a “face lift” with a few more construction aspects. We may rearrange walls, door, move plumbing or lighting fixtures. It includes tearing out the existing space and reframing the bathroom including drywall and new floors. Then it’s the same as the “face lift” remodel with all new fixtures and finishes.

An upgraded powder bath remodel project is typically between $30,000-$35,000

Secondary (Hall) Bath Remodel Project

bathroom remodel hall secondaryThe renovation of a secondary full bathroom would include either a tub or shower. Like the upgraded half bath, this type of renovation includes either removal of a tub or shower and reinstalling with more modern amenities and aesthetics. It requires tearing out the existing space and replacing finishes in the same locations (not moving plumbing or electrical lines). i.e. the toilet would remain in the same location, the tub or shower are not relocated, etc. The tub/shower walls get new tile followed by the cosmetic changes such as new vanity, countertop, plumbing and lighting fixtures, mirror, etc.

A face lift secondary (hall) bath remodel project is typically between $40,000-$50,000.

You may also want to upgrade your hall bathroom by relocating amenities like the toilet or moving a wall or door. These changes are added to the remodel work described in the above hall bath face lift.

An upgraded secondary (hall) bath remodel project is typically between $50,000-$65,000.

Master Bath Remodel Projects

A master bath remodel has an infinite number of options to consider. For simplicity’s sake I will break this down into two distinct basic scenarios: (1) Remove and Replace using the existing space and (2) new spa-like master bathroom with new layout.

Remove & Replace Master Bath Remodel Project

The R&R master bathroom remodel utilizes the current ‘bones’ of the room leaving all doors, windows, walls in their current configuration. The remodel work includes removal of all flooring and tile, plumbing and lighting fixtures, vanities, countertops, trim and paint. Staying within the footprint of the space, everything stays in the same locations, requiring no movement of plumbing or electrical lines. This type of remodel receives new vanity/s, countertop, plumbing and lighting fixtures, possibly a new soaker tub and new shower tile to replace the old.

An R&R master bath remodel project is typically between $65,000–$95,000.

New Spa-Like Master Bathroom

master bathroom remodelA new “Spa-like” master bathroom consists of all the bells and whistles. In this remodel we design an entirely new room layout and function of the bathroom. Amenities that may be considered are “zero” threshold showers with linear drains, frameless shower enclosures, radiant floor heat, heated towel bars, steam showers, adding a tv and ADA considerations. A new master closet may be added or designed during this remodel. The modifications and choices are upgraded and endless, and dependent solely on personal style and function. This remodel truly offers the real spa experience- and don’t we all deserve that?

A spa-like master bath remodel project typically starts at $110,000.

Bathroom Remodel Projects for Any Need and Any Budget

While these prices sound exorbitant to many of us, keep in mind that some of the homes we work on are more modest in cost, while many of the homes that we work on are in the $400,000 plus price range. The pricing ranges we gave are ranges to help you start to process through the actual costs of a remodel. Many factors contribute to the pricing, including the size of the bathroom and spaces to be remodeled, and the amenities and level of finishes you are desirous of. The cost of the lighting, plumbing (shower, tub, and their fixtures), countertop material and level of customization in your cabinetry are all costs you determine and have control over. We are a design/build firm and would love to talk with you about your bathroom remodel. Or read more about our next steps of a Design Retainer Agreement, as well as the importance of a well written Scope of Work.

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