Remodeling Site Protection and How We Protect You During Covid and Beyond

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What is Remodeling Site Protection

Remodeling site protection is what we do to protect you, your pets, and your belongings from the construction site in your home.  We have always worked to go above and beyond industry standards in our remodeling projects. It turns out, this approach is serving us well in the new era of COVID by ensuring safe remodeling environments. We’ve made some minor tweaks to our processes and systems to adhere to the current CDC protocols and recommendations but ultimately have not had to make many changes as we’ve always had our homeowner’s safety in mind. Here is a brief overview of what we have been and continue to do to give you peace of mind in working with Corinthian for now and in the future.

Protection from dust and construction debris

Prior to demolition day, we build 2×4 barrier walls with extra heavy-duty plastic to separate the construction site from our homeowner’s living space.  We install an exterior steel door including weather stripping and threshold to ensure all dust and debris stay on the construction side of the barrier walls.  This also allows our homeowners to access the construction area if they are comfortable doing so. Many contractors simply use dust protection systems that are temporary tension poles and plastic. These methods are not effective and often do not last the entire construction duration.

Additionally, we use a heavy-duty covering for floor protection to protect your flooring from the wear and tear of construction and traffic.  It is thicker, lasts significantly longer, and is more effective than the rosin paper our competition uses. Our method for floor protection is the best option available.

remodeling site prep

Air Cleanliness

Home renovations create dust and particles that hang in the air. Even before COVID, we were taking active measures to control dust and protect air cleanliness in our projects.  We use an industry-leading air scrubber system with HEPA filters in the construction area to draw the air in, pass it through a series of filters and then return the clean air back into the space.  It exchanges the air in a 6,000 cubic foot space 6 times in one hour.

In addition, we cover all air returns to ensure the construction site air is not pulled into the heating and cooling system. This keeps the construction dust, debris, and airborne particles from making their way to the rest of the home keeping our homeowners safe and dust-free.

Virtual Meetings

We have the technology to conduct our design meetings virtually as well as our construction meetings with our homeowners.  We have been known to stand on the construction side of the home while the homeowner remains on their side or even at work by using phones and iPads walking through the job site pointing out components of the renovation, discussing in real-time what is taking place and answering questions, sometimes multiple times a day.

Some of our homeowners feel comfortable entering the area while we are there to discuss things in person while others are more comfortable entering the construction side in the evenings after we have left to check out the progress while yet others will wait until the weekends when no one has been in the area for 48 hours. We tailor our communication approach and frequency to our homeowner’s needs.

Always Looking for Ways to be Best in Class

Homeowner and employee safety have always been a top priority for us. Providing the best experience possible is a value we take seriously and consistently discuss as a team.  Because of this commitment and in light of COVID, it has not been difficult to slightly modify our processes to ensure a safe environment for all. Our homeowners have been highly satisfied and continue to allow us into their homes for their renovations even during this difficult time.  So whether COVID is here to stay or just becomes a part of our history, know that Corinthian will continue to do everything we can to keep your family safe and protected during your renovation project!

We’ve written about site prep before, but not from the COVID perspective. If you want to read more, check out our other remodeling site prep blog. Love where you live!

Hear from our clients:

“Brand new to the home renovation experience, and with our project due to start in April, we of course were initially unsure as to whether we should move forward with the project given the circumstances with COVID-19.

We appreciated Corinthian’s initiatives to keep their employees, subcontractors and us safe during the renovation project: installing a temporary door to separate the workspace from the living space; limiting the number of persons working on-site (with usually only one person on-site); regular walk-throughs with the Project manager via FaceTime to see progress; touch-bases via text messaging with the Project manager to discuss and resolve issues; workers social distancing when crossing paths with us outside; and ongoing communication about what was happening on-site.”

– Angie G.

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