Wellness Spaces in your Home Create Calmness and Wellbeing

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As our lives become more stressful, one of the simplest and most effective strategies to manage it is to create areas of wellness in our home. Research on mental health shows that the “human mind and body are interconnected and can be affected by many things, including the environment you live in.” From space planning to colors chosen, lighting and materials used, how we design our homes, how we decorate it, and areas to blow off some steam help make our homes a more calming refuge.

Connect to areas that bring fresh air and nature inside

Custom Built TV Cabinet with remote control up and down, nickel gap siding cabinetry, retractable TV lift, Porcelain plank tile, Mirage Noon Charcoal Plank Tile, Ceiling Fans and Infra-tech surface mount heaters, Outdoor living space, indoor-outdoor living space, covered porch, lakehouse exterior,

Designing a home that incorporates indoor/outdoor areas helps to refresh our senses and allows a space to unwind and find our calm. With a collapsible wall of glass, this indoor/outdoor area truly captures this with the porch being an extension of the living areas inside.

Relax in a rejuvenating spa and soak away your cares

Bathrooms are no longer just about functionality and style. While both are important, a spa-like bath creates a place to relax and rejuvenate. Use elements that incorporate water, light, color, and texture to produce a peaceful place to nurture your body and mind. This bathroom includes light from two large windows as well as a steam shower to unwind.

Set up a place to connect with friends and family

white family room, floor to ceiling windows, fireplace

Being social is an aspect of wellbeing that can help lower anxiety and depression which can improve your immune health. Creating an environment where people can sit, and chat encourages this. However, layout is only one aspect of this. Adding soft textile items such as throw pillows and soft blankets can also provide another way to help in connecting with others in a warm and inviting space. Multiple seating vignettes in this renovation make for connecting comfortable and enjoyable.

Declutter and find a place for everything

Laundry Room with Student Desks, New Build

Marie Kondo is onto something with her tidying methods. Studies have shown that clutter can make it more difficult to focus on a task. Decluttering and organizing can lead to improved attention span and focus which in turn leads to a refreshed mental space. Finding what you are looking for can improve your mood and state of mind in many ways. This laundry room functions not only for washing clothes, but also includes tons of storage behind closed doors and drawers.

Keeping your mind and body fit helps you mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually

Black Rubber Floor Tiles, full length mirrors, exercise room

Having a dedicated space to work out in your home results in less slip-ups in meeting your New Year’s resolutions for weight loss. It also allows you to blow off that extra steam and get into or stay in shape. Exercise is a great mental health tool in helping to alleviate depression and anxiety. It also helps in decreasing stress and improving self-esteem and confidence. The physical benefits of exercise are endless and well known.

Your home should feel like a sanctuary, a place where you can feel safe, comfortable, and at peace. Working with a design and build team such as Corinthian, you can discover how to make your home a haven of wellness infused with your own personal style.

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