Four Phases of a Remodeling Project – The Corinthian Way

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There are many ways to get from point A to point B and at Corinthian we believe that having a clear roadmap to guide you is a benefit. A remodeling project is no different. In this blog, I’m going to map out the four phases of the remodeling process that we use to give our homeowners the remodeling project of their dreams.

Phase 1: Planning Phase

You’ve decided you’d like to remodel. Maybe it’s your master suite or your kitchen or perhaps finishing your basement. Regardless of the project, you’ve likely done your research to gather inspiration for your project and also a potential remodeling contractor (or two) that you’d like to work with.

That’s where we typically come in – you decide you’d like to talk to Corinthian about your remodeling project and you give us a call. On this call, we will talk about the highlights of your project and determine if setting up an in-person meeting makes sense. During the in-person meeting, we’ll have many more detailed questios for you and you’ll likely have a bunch of questions for us as well (here are some questions for you to consider asking any remodeling contractor). At the end of the meeting if there is mutual interest in moving forward together, we are ready to move into the Design Phase. Not sure how to choose a remodeling contractor? Check out my blog about that too!

Phase 2: Design Phase

The Design Phase is where 90% of the hard work happens! We use a Design Retainer Agreement to guide the Design Phase work and cost. During the Design Phase we design all of the living spaces for your project, help you make all your selections, create an estimate for the project and write a scope of work (which you can read about here). The Design Phase can take anywhere from a month to multiple months, depending on the complexity of the project.

At the end of the Design Phase you will have the following detailed project information:

  1. All the drawings needed to complete your project
  2. A complete Scope of Work
  3. All your selections
  4. A final estimate for the project

With these in hand you are now ready for a construction contract and move into the Production Phase. You can read about construction contracts here. 

Phase 3: Production Phase

In the Production Phase you get to sit back and watch it happen! We manage all the details for you. You will have a start date for your project, a production schedule and a COMPLETION date! All the decisions that were made in the Design Phase will come to life. All project team members know what to do because they closely follow the Scope of Work. We have a weekly staff production meeting to discuss your project and confirm that all of the details are being accomplished according to the plan. At the end of the Production Phase, we will conduct a final walk thru to make sure all work has been satisfactorily accomplished and address any remaining punch list items.

Phase 4: ENJOY

You are now ready to enter into the final phase of Enjoyment! In the Enjoyment Phase you will reap all the benefits of your hard work and good decision-making process. We welcome the opportunity to address any issues that come up in the first 90 days of accepting your project. And then again one year following project completion to make sure all is functioning and performing as planned. Beyond this we do extend another year warranty just to give you peace of mind that you have made the right decision in hiring Corinthian.


Our hope is that you enjoy your new space more than we enjoyed creating it for you! Are you ready to love where you live?

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