So You’re Thinking About Remodeling Your Home – Taking the First Steps

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Remodeling your home, whether one room or a whole home refresh, can be a daunting thought. You’ve no doubt gotten many ideas from Houzz, Pinterest, your friends and maybe even visiting some open houses in your neighborhood. And you probably have a budget in mind although you may not have a clear idea of what that budget will actually get you. And then you decide you’re ready to get the process started. But how?

In our perfect world, you’ve found Corinthian through one of our happy home owners, on Houzz or just surfing for great remodeling blogs like ours.

Step 1: You decide to give Corinthian a call!

Yeah you (and us)! During our initial phone conversation, we’ll talk about the basics like:

  • What are your dreams and goals for your remodeling project?
  • When do you want to have the remodel completed?
  • Where do you live?
  • What sort of budget are you thinking about?

If the project you envision is something we can do and you’re comfortable with the conversation, we’ll set up our first site visit and meeting.

Step 2: Initial site visit and planning meeting

There are three critical parts to the initial site visit and planning meeting – who, when and what. First, who should be at the meeting? Our senior designer (and not just by numbers of gray hairs) will lead the meeting. He may bring a team member who specializes in a particular discipline if that seems helpful. Whenever possible, we prefer to meet with all of the decision makers in the family for this initial meeting to ensure we’re all on the same remodeling page from the start.

Next, when will the meeting occur? These meetings are typically scheduled Monday through Friday during normal business hours and can take up to two hours. Ideally, this planning meeting can be scheduled in a way to limit distractions and interruptions from day-to-day life. The initial meeting is held at your home so that we can get an accurate view of the project from the obvious work to be done (e.g., replace cabinets) to the potentially less obvious (e.g., if we move that wall we’ll need to address power and structure elsewhere in the room).

And finally, what is the agenda of the initial site visit and planning meeting? Here is the general agenda we follow for all of our initial meetings. Of course, depending on how the conversation goes there could be a dozen other topics!

  • Scope of work and review job site
  • Reasons for the project
  • Why now or how long have you thought about it?
  • What questions you would have for our team as a potential contractor
  • Budget more specifically

Step 3: Next steps

From this initial meeting, we see three basic outcomes:

  1. Corinthian is not a good fit – as disappointing as it is, we’d rather you have the right design build firm for your project than to make a round peg fit a square hole.
  2. You like what you hear but need to think it over – a remodel project is a big commitment and we know that so if you like what you hear but need time to think things through, we completely understand. We’ll schedule a date to follow up.
  3. Corinthian is a good fit and you would like to move forward – we are mutually excited about the prospect of working together. Keep reading for next, next steps!


We love Corinthian and want to move forward

You’re ready to take the next steps with Corinthian and we’re excited to be a part of the journey. If a budget range has been established during the initial meeting, we will draft a Design Retainer Agreement and upon signature begin the design phase of your project. If a budget wasn’t established, we’ll review notes from the meeting and compare with similar past projects to establish a reasonable budget. This process can take up to a week or so to complete. Once a reasonable budget is agreed upon, we’ll draft the Design Retainer Agreement and get started.

Wow, we’re inspired to start a new project just by writing this blog. Hopefully you found it helpful in the planning process for your remodeling project. If you’re ready to love where you live, give us a call!

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