Affordable Ideas for Small Bathroom Remodels

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“I want my bathroom to be my sanctuary, where I can escape my kids for an hour and soak in the tub with a glass of wine.”

True quote from a past client. It is our goal with all our bathroom remodels, big and small, large budget or small budget, that the result is something that not only meets the physical needs of our homeowners but also is a place to relax. When working with a tight space and an even tighter budget, that can be easier said than done. It requires creativity and smart design choices.

6 affordable ideas to inspire your small bathroom remodel:

  1. Do not move the plumbing. If you can keep all plumbing (toilet, shower, tub, sink) where it currently is, it will save money by leaving the water supply and drainage exactly where it is, resulting in less cost of a plumber.
  2. Shower and/or tub refresh. In my opinion, having one tub in a home is still necessary from a resale value, but if you no longer need any additional tubs, eliminate a tub in favor of a larger shower. Bathtubs can be space hogs and open additional floor as well as visual space. The use of a glass shower door over a shower curtain is not only an upgraded open feel but can also showcase your shower tile.
  3. Update bathroom tile. Tile is such a great way to liven up your bathroom. The use of various colors, materials, styles, and textures can create a massive impact as well as your grout choice. Tile can range greatly in price and style so working with a designer will help best suit your vision and budget.
  4. Custom cabinetry, white raised panel vanity, makeup area, glass cabinet hardwareUpdate your bathroom vanity. Vanities have evolved over the years, and allow for great customization of not only style, but also function. I’ve seen an antique desk and a console repurposed into a bathroom with a vessel sink with a little paint and elbow grease. Custom bathroom vanities are also an easy way to change the style of the room, from simple and clean lined to something with the moldings and trim. Bathroom cabinet hardware options are endless and can create the eye candy for the room.
  5. Unique bathroom ideas, powder bath ideas, gray and green bathroom, creative powder bath, contemporary bath, floating vanityUpdate bathroom plumbing and lighting fixtures. Nothing is worse than a dark and dingy bathroom with outdated or hard water deposit crusted fixtures. New plumbing fixtures may not only better capture your style and update the look of the room, but they are also more energy efficient and can increase your property value.New lighting in a small bathroom is one of the easiest upgrades and can update the entire aesthetic of the room. However, it’s important to understand proper lighting for the room.
  6. Capture storage. There never seems to be enough storage in a bathroom, and in a small bathroom this is even more so. Look around the room and capture every square foot possible, including behind your door. This can make a great space for a “hidden” storage or opt for a medicine cabinet.

Bathroom remodels are never as easy as we’d like, but they also need not be a nightmarish experience. The secret is working with the right team of professionals who not only listen and capture your vision but can deliver it. With the right team, they can be fairly painless.

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