Picking the Right Shower Head for Your Home

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During a bathroom renovation, there are many decisions to be made like what kind of shower heads should be considered. Educating our homeowners to equip them with the knowledge to make informed choices is an important aspect of our business. I am occasionally asked, “What is a shower system and how do I know what components I want?” The following will hopefully guide you in making wise choices for your shower experience.

A basic shower consists of the:

  • valve (think, behind the wall and designed to control water flow and temperature)
  • the volume and/or temperature controls (connects to the valve in the wall)
  • a shower head

A shower system adds components that turn your shower into a spa-like experience. A shower system is typically made up of multiple components including but not limited to the items listed above but also a hand shower and body sprayers. In this blog, we will talk about the various types of shower heads you should consider for your shower system.

Four Main Categories of Shower Heads

Simple Shower Head:

Think “back to basics”. A single shower head is a traditional shower head with four or more individual nozzles that spray water in a pattern. Sometimes these nozzles can be adjusted to allow for varying flow patterns.

single shower head in teal glass tile shower


Rain Shower Head:

A type of single shower head that is typically large,  flat, and installed either from the ceiling or a shower arm. This allows the shower head to be placed directly over the user and spray the water straight down.

ADA Compliant Rain Forest Shower Head


Hand-Held Shower Head:

This is one of my recommended Must Have’s. Hand-held shower heads attach to the wall with a flexible hose and allow you to reach all those unreachable places.  It makes not only cleaning of the entire shower easiest (no more buckets of water splashed on the walls to rinse when cleaning the shower) but also makes washing small children and pets a breeze.  Also, particularly handy for anyone with limited mobility or showering from a shower chair.

Hand Held Shower in Gold


Body Sprayers:

This allows for multiple spray heads, placed precisely where wanted the most.  The spray heads can be close to flat on the wall or compact nozzles.  Again, a special diverter valve is necessary when using body sprayers and any other showerhead.

Body Sprayer Showerhead


Special Note: Dual or Multiple Shower Heads

A single shower head is a straightforward installation, however, you can also add one or more shower heads for a more spa-like experience. This set up is controlled either by a set of handles to control the volume, water temperature, and which shower head(s) to use. A special valve behind the wall known as the diverter valve, allows the water to divert to a single head or multiple heads at one time.

Rain Forest Shower Head


There is nothing worse than a shower experience when the water trickles out and leaves you unable to rinse the soap out of your long locks of hair. Water pressure in older homes can be a bit dicey, so be sure to discuss any poor water pressure concerns with your team when making showerhead decisions.

Showers can set the tone for our upcoming day or provide a warm ending to a stressful day. Your shower experience should be all that you want. By processing what your needs are in advance, you should be able to make informed choices for a showering experience that will suit you and your loved ones for years to come.


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