5 Indoor Winter Home Improvement Projects

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Instead of dreading the months of cold weather and snow, plan a small home improvement project to brighten up your winter. Here are 5 winter home improvement projects that will bring some life to your living space. These projects can be DIY or if you’re more of a ‘hire-it-done”, we’re happy to help with these and other remodeling projects.

#1 Install a feature wall

There are a variety of ways to accent a room. The simplest is to paint or wallpaper (yes, wallpaper is making a bit of a comeback) one wall in your living, family or bedroom to add color and create interest. If you’re up for a bit of installation, consider shiplap, reclaimed palette wood or even faux stone to give dimension and interest. Check out Pinterest and Houzz for inspiration by searching for accent wall, feature or focus wall.

#2 Re-caulk your tub or shower

Although not as sexy as a feature wall, re-caulking your tub or shower provides both an aesthetic improvement and a functional one. Remove mildew covered caulk and reseal your tub/shower to keep water from getting behind your tile or shower enclosures to prevent future mold, mildew and water damage.

#3 Lay down new flooring

If you’re carpets are threadbare or you’re ready to upgrade your laminates, winter is a great time to transform your home with hardwoods and tile. Whether pre-engineered hardwoods or beautiful dark walnut hardwoods with bright white trim, the looks you can get with new wood floors are endless. And if tile floors are more your style, you can choose from tile that looks like wood, cement or brick as well as more traditional tile options. If you’re considering new tile for your bathroom, you should also consider heating elements. Your toes will thank you on these chilly winter mornings.

#4 Replace or refinish your doors (and hardware)

Have you taken a close look at the doors in your house? Often times, your doors take the most wear and tear but get the least attention. Replacing or refinishing your interior doors can make your entire home look like new. And if you’re not ready to address the doors, consider changing the hinges and doorknobs for a fresh look. Dealing with doors may seem like a simple job, but may quickly turn into a bigger project especially in older homes. You might consider hiring a professional if you’re not comfortable cutting, shaping the doors to size and replacing the trim or molding.

#5 Add a new coat of paint

Even if you’re not interested in a bold new color, simply refreshing your neutrals will brighten any room. Whether you’re interested in painting a whole room or just one wall (see #1 above), here are some tips for picking a paint palette for your project.

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