What To Expect on Your Final Walkthrough

by | Nov 4, 2019 | Corinthian Process | 0 comments

That special day has finally come! The day you have dreamt about since you began this crazy journey… Your “Final Walkthrough” with your contractor! Just as you have experienced in the rest of our process together, we want your final walkthrough to educate you and give you peace of mind that your final project is just as we set out to accomplish.

In your final walkthrough, we review all the spaces that we added or modified. We confirm the Scope of Work has been fully executed. We observe all the obvious finishes such as paint and drywall. We check the alignment of cabinetry, doors and trim. If appliances and equipment have been installed, we  confirm they are working, free of defect and make sure you know how to operate them. And as discussed in our Construction Contract, our minimum building standards will be in compliance with and checked against The BAGI Builders Standards. Our goal is to meet and exceed these standards but you can be the final judge during your walkthrough.

On our walkthrough, there may be an item or two that does not meet or exceed your expectations or that a product has been delayed in ordering. Rest assured that these delinquent items will not stop you from fully occupying your newly renovated space. These items will be added to what we call the “Punch List”. We have created this “Punch List” long before this final walkthrough date. It is always our goal to have a zero punch list from the beginning of the walkthrough process, but inevitably something ends up on the list.

The walkthrough is considered “Substantial Completion of all Work and Occupancy of Space” and your final construction payment is due. Again as stated in our Construction Contract, any items on the punch list will be calculated at 200% of the cost to complete and removed from your final payment until that item has been completed. We want you to be completely confident that we will wrap up any items on the final punch list quickly and efficiently.

Finally, on your final walkthrough, we will set a one year walkthrough to make sure all is performing as expected and to adjust any minor defects. All construction and product warranties are fully in place.

We as much as you want you to Love Where You Live!

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