What Needs to Happen Behind the Scenes For A Successful Remodeling Project?

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You’ve been working with your preferred remodeling partner to design your project. You may be wondering what should be happening behind the scenes to make your remodeling project a success. I talk with my clients about the three “S’s” in success:

  1. Selections
  2. Schedule
  3. Scope of work


During the Designer Retainer stage or planning stages, you probably spent countless hours figuring out what was just the right cabinet color to use, the perfect bathroom faucet or best looking light fixture to give you that awesome feeling when you would walk into your newly remodeled space. Now, it is up to your remodeling contractor to review the selections to make sure all the necessary products and accessories have been chosen and will coordinate well with one another. It is also your remodeling contractor’s responsibility to order all of your selections (with various vendors) in order for them to come in on the correct date for installation. It may feel exhausting just thinking about all that, but it is a critical element to the success of your project. Nothing kills the momentum of a remodeling project like when the wrong item was ordered, or the wrong color of finish comes in on your project. It can literally add weeks or months to a construction schedule if not properly coordinated.


Speaking of schedules, your construction schedule is the second “S” in success. Typically a construction schedule is presented at the beginning of a remodeling project and everyone is excited to get going, but what happens once the schedule euphoria wears off? How are the various sub-contractors or tradesmen notified of the schedule or in some case re-notified because of a schedule change? For the success of your project, your Remodeling Contractor will need to keep a close pulse on the construction schedule. Making sure all the trades are starting and completing their phase of the work as scheduled or “all bets will be off” if you think you will truly hit the intended completion date. One hiccup in the schedule can turn into a considerable schedule delay if not handled appropriately. Now I will be the first to concede that a construction schedule is a moving target. But better to monitor the full construction schedule and know why and how to best adjust work when the need arises rather than just keep moving back your completion date.

Scope of Work

A well written, well thought out Scope of Work is a very valuable document and is worthy of staying on the forefronts of everybody’s mind. From Contractor to trades people to homeowner, referring to it often keeps everyone accountable to what was originally agreed upon and priced out. Your Scope of Work should be available to all who are working on your remodeling project. Your remodeling contractor should be confirming everyone is complying with the details contained within. If for some reason a Scope of Work was not written clearly, it opens up the door for unforeseen costs and change orders.


Knowing that you and your remodeling contractor are keeping a close eye on these three important “S’s” will give you peace of mind that your remolding project will finish on time and on budget!

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