Three Hamburgers: A Remodeling Project Fable…Revisited

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This post is an updated version of a prior blog we wrote in 2019.

By definition a fable is “a short story, typically with animals as characters conveying a moral.” I am choosing to use hamburgers as our main characters in my fable. Probably because as a company we enjoy sharing a good meal together, and it is something we can all relate to. I’ll bet you are wondering how hamburgers relate to the remodeling industry. Let’s see if you catch onto the moral of my story. I’ll start my story by stating that there are no “right” or “wrong” hamburgers dependent on what you are looking for in a burger. 

While there are no right or wrong burgers, there are many different types of burgers and experiences, and you could even say that different burgers serve different populations, dependent on their dietary choices and taste buds. For my story, I’ll use burgers from the following restaurants:

  • Wendy’s
  • Red Robin
  • Harry and Izzy’s

Wendy’s Burger – A Burger with a Side of Self Service

At Wendy’s you place your order from a well-lit menu that hangs conveniently on the wall above a cashier who takes your order to your exact specifications. No pickles? No onions? No problem. Once your burger is ready, it is slid across the counter on a plastic tray you carry to your table of choice. You get to sit on an uncomfortable plastic seat, under fluorescent lighting for your ambience. Once you finish your burger, you get to self-clean your table into the large plastic lined garbage cans.

Red Robin Burger – More Choices, More Service

Upon entering the restaurant, a friendly hostess will seat you at your table and provide you with a printed menu or QR code. There are more burger and topping choices than Wendy’s and you can still customize it. Add an egg? Sure! Extra onions? Yes! Once your server has taken your order, they will give your order to a cook who will properly prepare it. The hamburger is brought to you, possibly on a reusable plate or in a plastic basket lined with paper. You will get to eat your hamburger while enjoying a football or soccer game on a TV near you. There may also be small children, loudly asking for their free fry refills. When you are done, there is no need for clean up as a server will take care of that for you.

Harry and Izzy’s Burger – High Quality Tailored to a Discerning Palette

Depending on the day and time of day you plan to eat at Harry and Izzy’s, you may need a reservation. Upon arriving, a nicely dressed host or hostess will promptly seat you at a table with a white tablecloth with candles. You may hear light music playing in the background and a décor that is designed for a relaxing and enjoyable dining experience.  Attention to detail and customer service is outstanding. A nicely designed menu is tucked into a leather portfolio, and there are just two or three gourmet burgers as options. Your server asks questions so they can truly understand exactly how you would like your hamburger prepared. As you enjoy a refreshing cocktail, your piping hot hamburger is delivered to your table, displayed elegantly with a side of rough-cut fries and a fresh herb garnish, all prepared by a trained chef.

The Moral of My Story

Each burger experience may be enjoyable to your personal preference. However, each dining experience may be completely different. The number of choices, the quality of the burger, the ambience of the setting, the plan to hurry through the meal or slow down and enjoy, the level of service and yes, even the cost. While there is no right or wrong type of burger, the burger and the experience for dining differs greatly.

The same is true of remodeling projects and contractors. Depending on your vision, your budget, your expectations for service, and the level of detail and finishes, you can choose a variety of different approaches. You may opt for a more ‘self-service’ approach, choosing to be your own general contractor while hiring out specialty services, such as the use of a plumber or electrician. Or you may choose to work with a contractor who promises to get it done for cheaper but is unable to design what you want and communicate throughout the process. Our recommendation is to work with one knowledgeable design/build firm, such as Corinthian, who can provide all aspects of your project from the design through the end of construction, with specialized project management services.

In the end, you will have a completed home renovation. Your choice is to decide on the experience you want. The quality of the finished remodel. And the choice of working with one firm that provides all aspects of your renovation, or just the construction portion.  Our goal is to give you the home you’ll love and want to stay in forever. So which burger experience do you want? 

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