Renovation ROI – Getting the Best Return on Investment

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Sometimes our clients remodel for the passion of it, but more often than not, they make remodeling choices based on what will be most valuable when they decide to sell. While there are no guarantees, there are some remodeling projects that typically provide higher returns on the investment. Our friends at House Beautiful shared their list which got us thinking. Here are 3 of our favorite investment-savvy renovations.

Kitchen Smorgasbord

It seems that no matter how nice the other rooms in your house are, people congregate in the kitchen. Maybe it’s your queso dip or maybe it’s because the kitchen is the heart of your home. Remodeling a kitchen can mean more storage, better appliances, a larger island and a more comfortable place for food, fun and family. What is your biggest kitchen complaint (besides your family leaving dirty dishes in the sink)? We can help (maybe not with the dirty dishes part)!

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See more pictures of this Corinthian Remodel.

Best Basements Ever

Before you think about expanding the footprint of your house, consider enhancing your basement. Whether you want a man cave or an entertainment space that’s the envy of your neighbors, a basement is one of the most flexible spaces in your home. Extra bedrooms? And exercise space? If you can dream it, your basement can become it!

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See more pictures of this Corinthian Remodel.

Laundry & Utility Rooms

Have you considered adding a utility sink to your laundry room or a dog bath to your utility room? There are several ways to turn what maybe the most ‘boring’ room into one of the most functional and even beautiful. Beauty in utility!

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See more pictures of this Corinthian project.

There are several other good ROI renovations. Give us a call and we can chat about your ideas!

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