Meridian Kessler kitchen gets a time-honored renovation

These homeowners moved into the Meridian Kessler area because they loved the older neighborhood and atmosphere. They knew they wanted to update the kitchen from the beginning to increase the size and improve the function. They wanted a kitchen where two or more people could be cooking at the same time yet still have room for entertaining. By removing walls between the separate pantry, breakfast nook, kitchen, and in-law quarters, we were able to achieve this. From what we could see in the ceiling structure, we knew some structural beams would be needed, but were unable to see everything until we could demo. At that point, we engineered a final plan and finalized our design around the needs. Support beams were incorporated into the design, considering the various ceiling heights and pitch of the roof as it transitioned to the garage. The beams were stained to match the hardwoods and span from the kitchen through the bar/dining nook area. The bar was original to the house, and they wanted to keep it, but incorporate modern amenities such as a wine refrigerator.  By eliminating a tiny pantry closet, we were able to recess a wine fridge into the wall next to the bar and turn that wall corner recessing a modern drop-zone for entry from the garage. The flooring in this area was original to the home and was refinished in front of the bar and breakfast nook and then refinished with new hardwood in the kitchen.  The result is a seamless transition that preserves the original integrity of the home. In opening up the spaces, windows needed to be moved.  We added leaded glass french-doors to the side yard and 3 new leaded glass windows over the kitchen sink, matching the original leaded window on the opposite wall. The breakfast nook remained in the same area, however with the removal of the separating wall, it now acts as an extension of the kitchen. The kitchen was designed to utilize the maximum countertop space for cooking. The addition of a large island and long interrupted countertop next to the range provides more than ample room for multiple cooks in the kitchen. The range area boasts a custom hood with trim to match the island and has a full height quartz backsplash to further emphasize the wow of the wall. The backsplash on the sink wall is level with the bottom cabinets of the range wall and is capped with a decorative ogee edge detail. This allowed space on either side of the sink windows to showcase 2 black and bronze sconces. An existing radiator in the kitchen needed to stay in place, so we built a custom wood slatted front to match the cabinetry. We were able to install taller wall cabinets next to the hood but needed shorter cabinets on the south wall to fit under the beams. Both cabinets have the same 2-piece crown to give consistency between all cabinetry. On the exterior, with the addition of french doors, we took great care in salvaging as much of the original brick as able. We added new brick that appeared aged and toothed in with the old for a seamless transition. And finally, we added limestone sills and brick details over the doors to match the rest of the home.The finished project is a modern, updated kitchen that respects the integrity of the original old home. It is full of storage and allows multiple cooks in the kitchen. Location: Indianapolis, IN Unique Features:

  • Original wood bar updated with built-in beverage fridge
  • Leaded glass windows added to match original
  • Kitchen cabinetry terminates into stained beams
  • Radiator in kitchen hidden with custom panel
  • Architectural detail on window wall for sconces

Credits: Photography by Sara C Imagery

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