Fireplace Renovation Maintaining Original 1900’s Design

This homeowner lives in a historic early 1900’s Irvington home that she loves. Her goal was to update her tiny galley kitchen and eat-in nook to improve function and storage incorporating a brighter design that was reminiscent of the period of the house. As the design developed, we also included a new mantel and tile surround and hearth in the living room that paid honor to the age of the home, yet felt fresh and new.

The living room received an upgrade to the fireplace that had been original to the home. It no longer felt relevant or what this home deserved so we removed the limestone mantle and surround, as well as the tile hearth. We created a wood craftsman mantle, spanning wall to wall of the fireplace bump-out. Using a neutral glazed tile, we found a tile manufacturer who still produces tile that would’ve been used in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s to maintain the history of the home. Thick tile trim, that would have been used in this home’s era, was cut individually to follow the curved opening of the fireplace surround. The result is a fireplace that completely brightens and anchors that end of the room and is the focal point that this home deserved.

This homeowners goal of maintaining the historical integrity of the house was met. The fireplace is a showstopper and centerpiece of the living room while maintaining the era of the home.

In this homeowners’ own words: “The Corinthian team did a great job of staying true to the historical integrity of my home and I am very happy with my home and the renovation.”

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Location: Indianapolis, IN

Credits: Photography by Sara C Imagery

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