New Year Remodeling Resolutions

by | Dec 13, 2016 | Project Planning, Remodeling Tips | 0 comments

Do you already have your resolutions for 2021? Maybe lose some weight or spend more time with family and friends? Well, let us offer some new year remodeling resolutions for your home that may also help you achieve your personal goals.

Invest in things you love

Spend some time decluttering. Before you put away your holiday decorations, take a little time to clean out the magazines that have accumulated on the catch-all and the already-worked-puzzles from the closets. Once you have some space, both physically and mentally, assess your spaces and make sure the things you love have a place of honor. If you have spaces left over, consider investing in a few special items like a family photo wall or a vintage rocking chair.

Overhaul the room that gets the most use

We often hear things like,”It doesn’t matter how comfortable our couches are, people just like to hang out in our kitchen.” If that’s the case in your house, consider remodeling your most used room (or rooms) with inviting gathering spaces, warm materials and custom features. As you begin to think about how you’d like to transform the space, use a site like Houzz or Pinterest to save ideas and begin to consider the budget you’d like to stick to. These things will give your design remodel team a good starting place for your project.

Overhaul the room that gets the least use

We also hear from our clients that they have a room in the house that doesn’t really get used. Whether a family whose children have outgrown the traditional playroom or empty-nesters who are ready for a formal living room update, maybe it’s time to remodel a little used room into a new social hub for the home.  Play rooms become offices. Walls between living rooms and kitchens come down. Basements get built out. The possibilities are endless when it comes to transforming a room into a useful, family-friendly space.

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