Maintaining Your Home: Tips for Homeowners

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You own your home, and you want to protect it, but how do you ensure that it’s properly maintained? By staying on top of maintenance tasks, you will be able to identify and resolve potential issues early before they turn into major problems. Let’s look at these tips for your home maintenance and care.

Create a Checklist

The old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” holds true when it comes to home maintenance. It’s easy to overlook or forget to do important things like inspecting your roof every spring to identify potential winter damage.

To ensure you keep your home in great shape, it’s important to have a checklist of tasks that should be completed monthly, bi-annually, and annually.

Download our complimentary checklist.

Monthly Home Maintenance Tasks

  • Replenish water softener salt
  • Clean garbage disposal
  • Test sinks/tubs for clogs/slow draining and repair
  • Run water in typically unused spaces (guest bathroom, in-law suite kitchen, laundry floor drain) to ensure the pee traps have water in them to keep sewer gas smells out
  • Change your HVAC filters (may need to be done monthly or quarterly depending on its use and the air quality)

Bi-annual Home Maintenance Tasks

  • Change your HVAC filters (may need to be done monthly or quarterly depending on its use and the air quality
  • Professional HVAC inspection
  • Test alarm systems (smoke, carbon monoxide, home security)
  • Inspect deck/patio for disrepair; clean and repair as necessary, including resealing
  • Clean gutters
  • Inspect toilets, around dishwasher, inside kitchen/bathroom cabinets for water leaks (see our separate blog on preventing water damage).

Yearly Home Maintenance Tasks

  • Clean refrigerator coils
  • Inspect roof and home exterior
  • Hire professional inspection of fireplace/chimney
  • Power-wash exterior paved surfaces
  • Drain hot water heater(s) to remove sediment
  • Deep clean stove hood vent and change filter
  • Clean exhaust fans in the bathroom and laundry
  • Inspect basement for leaks
  • Reseal tile grout
  • Deep clean the entire home

Other checklist areas we often forget: paint and drywall, door handles and locks, outside spigots and hoses, unwanted pests, fences, windows and screens, flooring, countertops, tile, cabinetry, the attic, etc.

Home ownership is a huge investment, and one that requires regular maintenance and care. Staying on top of a monthly home maintenance checklist is essential in ensuring that the time you spend living in your home is as safe and healthy as possible. Additionally, it helps keep your home operating efficiently, mitigating risk, keeping your energy bills at a minimum, improving curb appeal, and preserving or increasing your home resale value.

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