How is your love life?

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Spoiler alert- I am not a marriage counselor but I am a remodeling contractor which feels like a marriage counselor sometimes.

So, how is your love life…. with your home?

  • Not giving you that loving feeling you once might have had?
  • Maybe it no longer serves you and your family as it once did?
  • Or maybe your family has just outgrown your home?
  • Could your house be cast as a set for the Brady Bunch Family?
  • Has your kitchen become the definition of dysfunction?
  • Would you rather entertain your guests in the garage than in your family room?

For over 21 years, Corinthian Fine Homes has been helping homeowners restore their love relationship with their home.

We have helped others just like you create….

  • a space they cannot wait to get home to
  • a kitchen to easily intimately entertain family and friends or throw a big party
  • a spa-like bathroom
  • the five-star comfort they deserve
  • a place people want to gather and never leave
  • a functional home designed the way their family lives
  • modern, yet timeless designs

Reinvigorate Your Home

I know this may sound like a pipe dream to even consider that your present house could become all that you want it to be. But it is possible. Remember, we put a man on the moon, and sometimes it takes that type of commitment to make seemingly impossible things happen. This may be your first rodeo, but it is not ours (and we have stories of people like you who will help you feel comfortable and confident in your decision).

Our Goal is to Bring Love Back into Your Life

You can get a renovation done by a plethora of contractors.  You can interview and get multiple quotes for your project. You can get it done for cheaper. But is anyone asking and really listening to what exactly you are desiring in your castle?  Is anyone else offering design and finish options that give you that FEELING when you walk in.  We want to get beneath the walls and drywall and paint to the emotion of what you are hoping to capture.  We are different and want to deliver what you deserve which is much more than a renovated space, but space you are truly in love with. And in the remodeling industry, you will always get what you pay for.

Homeowners from previous remodel, renovation, and new additions projects attest to the fact that the love for their home was restored and in some cases born into the passion they longed for with their home.  If you have not done so, check out our testimonials page to read what people have said about us and our work. But do not just take our word for it, Corinthian Fine Homes has also been the recipient of over 25 local and national design awards.  And through the years we have developed and refined our processes and people to seamlessly work through the design and construction process. We listen to what your wants and needs are and attempt to balance this out with your budgetary constraints.

Picking the Right Remodeling Relationship

We know that the process of remodeling your home can be expensive, but if you are considering it, the cost of not choosing the right contractor may even be more expensive, if you consider…

  • arguments over inaccurate, incomplete, or improperly written Scopes of Work
  • time delays due to mismanagement or unorganized construction schedules
  • cost overruns due to lack of attention to the details
  • having to function as the Contractor because of inadequate job site supervision

It is our greatest desire here at Corinthian Fine Homes to help guide you to a home that you actually LOVE where you live.  So, although I am not a marriage counselor, we know how to spark joy, create timeless spaces, and give you a home you love so you love life and where you live.

Love where you live!

Create the Home of Your Dreams