Greenery 2017 Pantone Color of the Year

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The turning of the year signals a time for new beginnings. A time to start again whether it’s revitalizing health, reconnecting with family or rejuvenating your physical environment. We always enjoy seeing what color Pantone picks as the color of the year. For 2017, the color is Greenery and was picked because it is “a life-affirming shade” and “is also emblematic of the pursuit of personal passions and vitality.”

Greenery Pantone Color + Complementary Palettes

To read more about the color of the year, check out the full article on the pantone website. If part of your 2017 plan is an updated kitchen, refreshed master suite or perhaps finishing the basement, you should check out the greenery’s complementary color palettes on the pantone site as well. There are some great options like the subdued Forest Floor complements which would be great in a kitchen or the ocean inspired Fathomless palette that would set apart any bathroom redesign.

Picking A Color Palette For Your Redesign Project

Speaking of color palettes, here are five of our favorite tips when picking a color palette for your home. If you’re inspired by Greenery but it’s just not quite right, consider these ideas:

  1. Choose your colors from the largest pattern in the space. Maybe it’s your couch or a beautiful painting. If you love it, pick your colors from that pattern leaning heavily on the neutrals in the patter for your wall color.
  2. Use the color wheel. For a calming effect, pick colors next to each other on the color wheel – much like the Fathomless collection shown on the the Pantone site.
  3. Go gray. Is beige boring? Try gray as your neutral. It can look warm or cool and pairs well with calm pastels or colors as bright as hot pink.
  4. Dress your home like you dress yourself. Chances are you’ll love your home if it reminds you of your favorite fashion statements. If you like classic combinations like black and white, rely on those basics for your home. Or if you’re more into eclectic layers, consider spicing up your space with Moroccan pillows or Indian textiles.
  5. Make a monochromatic statement. Especially in small spaces like a bathroom or reading nook, pick a favorite color to pop against white floors and walls. If bright yellow makes you smile, consider bright cabinets with beautiful white marble counters and floors.

We’d be happy to talk with you about your remodeling needs and picking a stunning color palette that is perfect for your personality and home

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