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When planning a kitchen renovation one of the decisions you will make will be where to place your microwave (if you still use one).  Since counter space is typically at a premium, you might want to consider where best to tuck it away while ensuring the most functional placement.

Countertop Placement for Microwaves

Standard placement for many homeowners as its convenient and readily accessible, however if takes up valuable countertop space and can decrease the function of the kitchen.

Over The Range Placement

This is a classic choice historically, and a great way to consolidate space and appliance use, but it needs a vent component which do not always work well. For our height-challenged homeowners this can also be less than ideal with the added safety precaution of use over a potentially hot stove top. Check out one of our projects with over the range placement of the microwave.

kitchen remodelUnder The Counter Microwaves

This placement is great if counter space is at a premium, but requires an outlet and for some the low height is a deterrent to functional space. If simply placed on a shelf this does not have a custom aesthetic and may seem like a design miss.

Built In Microwave With A Trim Kit

This installation can be used either in an upper or lower cabinet and makes the microwave look more “built-in”. It utilizes a metal trim piece that fills the gap of space between the microwave and the cabinetry for a sleek custom look. Check out more pictures from this lake house remodel that included a built in microwave.

built in microwave

Over The Wall Oven and Microwave

This look is great for a sleek finished aesthetic, paired with the oven it gives an integrated look with the use of a trim kit. One consideration is the height of the microwave for some users to reach. See more pictures from this remodeling project where we flipped the kitchen and dining room location.Atlas Liberty Series 3x12 tile, herringbone tile pattern, kitchen backsplash, white herringbone kitchen backsplash, Mont Thunder White countertops, White and Gray quartz countertops, island countertops, Thunder White Quartz countertops, Maple Cabinetry, Custom cabinetry, raised panel cabinetry, Pure White painted kitchen cabinetry, Top knobs cabinet hardware, honey bronze cabinet hardware, Wolf Appliances, 6 burner rangetop, Subzero 36” refrigerator with Panel front, Subzero/Wolf Appliances, custom wood range hood,Microwave Drawer

Becoming more common and a really cool option is a microwave drawer that slides open, set your food in, slide shut and use as normal. They look fantastic and we are using these more frequently,  however the cost is higher than a traditional microwave. See more pictures of this kitchen remodel that includes a microwave drawer.

built in microwaveHopefully armed with this information you can make an informed decision for where best to place that little appliance that often gets the most use in todays age of convenience. Give us a call as we’d love to help with any of your design needs.

Love Where You Live,  Susan

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