5 Reasons to Use a Design-Build Firm

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The term Design-Build may be new to some but is certainly not a new concept. It means to you and your project that the gap is removed between your home design and the construction of your project. We work not only as your visionary and designer, but also as the implementer of your project remodel or renovation under a single contractual entity to the owner. In contrast, the traditional building method leads many homeowners unsatisfied with the end result because the design has been misinterpreted or incorrectly implemented by the contractor and subcontractors, leading ultimately to the loss of the home’s original architectural design. That’s not the only reason. In fact, there are several benefits to working with a design-build firm and several reasons that lead owners towards this decision.

How design-build projects lead to success

  1. Design-build provides continuity
    Design-build firms are a one stop shop, ensuring what was designed is what is executed.  They employ a team of experts who have worked together on numerous types of projects, with experience managing all sorts of scenarios, requirements, and curveballs.  They know how to work together, communicate effectively, and have the same common goal: make the client happy.  When all parties involved are under one roof, there’s less room for finger pointing and cost disputes, resulting in delays of production.
    Mid-Century Modern Living Room
  2. Designer involvement is a priority
    The choices you make during the initial design phase will impact the cost and timeline, as well as the overall remodel or renovation experience. Though it’s not the case with all remodelers, some companies stray from the design plans without consulting the designer. This won’t happen with Corinthian, as our designers continue to guide the process and work with our construction team, ensuring the design integrity all the way through to the finish line. This allows for a streamlined process ensuring your remodel or renovation project is completed exactly how you envisioned.
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  3. Design-build brings expertise
    There is a tremendous advantage to working with a design-build firm with an established in-house team. It allows us to think both like a designer and a builder. The understanding of how early design decisions can impact the budget or construction schedule is a key trait of a skilled design-builder. An experienced design-build team is an expert in both general construction and building systems but also has strong partnerships with reliable and pre-qualified subcontractors.
  4. Design-build takes total responsibility
    With traditional remodel or renovation projects, responsibility is split between the design company and the construction company. It results in potential blame shifting or misallocation of responsibilities and resources throughout the process. When using Corinthian, we take total accountability for the entire remodel or renovation project, including the quality of the design, how the end result looks, the total costs, and how quickly the construction can be completed. Having a single point of accountability with us, means more clarity for you and peace of mind in knowing that every detail will be attended to from the start of design to the finish of the remodel or renovation.
  5. Design-build expedites remodel or renovation projects
    Obviously every project involving multiple parts and people needs good management to stay on track. With our experience we can anticipate and maneuver around potential problems long before they slow down the project. In recent research by Performance Services, design-build firms get the remodel done 12% faster than traditional construction remodel projects, while costing up to 5.2% less overall. It produces efficiency by streamlining communication and by removing layers of process and bureaucracy. Our goal is to compress the schedule to complete your remodel or renovation as quickly as possible, and let you enjoy your space.

Our mission at Corinthian Fine Homes is to provide you with not only a beautiful and functional home, but a home where memories are made. Our project management results in increased accountability, efficiency, and communication. We take full responsibility for giving you a rewarding home remodel or renovation process, as well as an end product that captures your vision and supports your lifestyle now and in the future. For more information on how we can help you Love Where You Live, contact us.

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