Finish Phase for Your Remodeling Project

by | Oct 14, 2020 | Corinthian Process, Project Planning | 0 comments

It has finally arrived, the Finish Phase of your remodeling project is here. Not the finish line, but the finish phase. The finish line is still just around the corner. So why is there so much excitement around the Finish Phase of your remodeling project? Because your project has hit the mid-point of your renovation and it is mostly downhill from here! Your Mechanical Phase was completed with the culmination of the city inspecting all of our work and giving the approval to move forward with “covering things up”.

What are some things that happen during the finish phase?

  • Insulation is installed
  • Drywall is installed
  • Flooring and tile is installed
  • Cabinets and trim is installed
  • Painting will occur
  • To name just a few…

This may not sound very exciting but each day dramatic changes begin to take place. All the hard work that you put in on the front end of your project will start to pay off. The spaces of the room will start to take shape and form. The product that you selected, which may seem like eons ago, will be delivered and installed. From here on out, the project shouldn’t beholden to the weather conditions anymore. And yes the finish line and the light at the end of the tunnel will start to come into focus.

During the finish phase, feel free to confirm that all the selections that you chose are correct and are up to par with your expectations. Also during this phase, we will begin the all-important “rolling punch list” to start addressing any loose ends that need to be completed before we close out your project. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if we have overlooked anything.

We want to make sure as we work through this phase that any new product being installed is also being protected thru the end of the project. Making sure that finished floors look brand new when we turn the space over to you. Or that the new kitchen sink actually still looks new when you first use it. Yes, we are in the Finish Phase but we still need to complete and protect the project until we deliver it to you!

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