Demystifying Kitchen Island Lighting

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Homeowners ask for guidance on choosing the “right” size or style of light fixtures over their kitchen island, but my response is that there is no true “right” type of fixture or even size of that fixture. It truly is a personal preference. That being said, there are a couple of general rules of thumb you can use when installing pendants or a linear suspension fixture for your kitchen island lighting.

Island Lighting Pendant Size and Placement

I typically work with our homeowners to determine the style of pendant they would like to use first, as it can dictate the number of fixtures to use as well as their placement.

Size: The size of the pendant island lighting depends on the size of your island and the number of pendants you are going to use. In my experience, some homeowners like an odd number of fixtures while others prefer even. Depending on your preference this will help determine the size fixture to use. Typically, a 30” clearance between pendants is recommended, but this can vary dependent on the space.

Placement:  The placement of the pendants depends on the size of your island and how many fixtures you’d like.  It’s best to start with how many pendants you would like to use. One general rule of thumb is to divide your island into segments, one higher than the number of pendants you want to hang.  If you want 2 pendants divide the space into 3 equal segments.  Pendants hang where each segment meets.  For example, if you have a 9-foot island, you would break the island into 3 3-foot segments, and then hang the pendants at 3 feet from each end.

island pendant lights
Suspension Fixture Size and Placement

Standard sizing is about 2/3 the length of your island, however, when using a longer fixture over a shorter island you want to leave about 6-8” of space on either side of the fixture from the end of the island.

Linear Suspension Fixture Size and Placement

Hopefully, this will help guide you as you make your kitchen island lighting choices.

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