Common Remodeling Project Questions: Can I provide my own [light fixture, counters, etc]?

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We have been doing remodeling for a long time now and one question that comes up from time to time is “Can I provide my own…” You fill in the blank. It could be something as simple as a light fixture or something more complicated like a Jacuzzi hot tub for your master bathroom. Our standard answer to this question is maybe. Please let me explain why.

There is a lot of thought and planning that goes into creating a successful remodeling project. All the products that your remodeling contractor specifies need to work together seamlessly in order to ensure the most beautiful outcome. And hopefully that is why you chose your remodeling contractor. But product specification is only half of the equation. Your remodeling contractor also needs to stand behind those products and warranty them, so you can enjoy them for a very long time.

Specifying your remodeling project’s products

Let’s break this down and talk about the two halves of the equation – specifying and warrantying various products that go into your remodeling project.

First, we need to consider specifying the products for your remodel. For example, you ask your remodeling contractor if you can provide the ceiling light in your dining room. This seems simple enough, but if your remodeling contractor does not know the specifics of that fixture, they may not put adequate blocking in the ceiling to support the weight of the light fixture you selected. When installation time comes, drywall may need to be cutout and adequate blocking installed to support the fixture. Or what about the wiring requirements for that light fixture? Is it line voltage or low voltage? There is a big difference. Will the light you picked out give off enough light for the room? Or what if the fixture you are providing has 150 parts that need to be assembled onto the light before installation and your contractor allowed only a half hour for the install?

So can you provide the light fixture? Maybe, if it can be specified at the right time in the project to be able to manage the details of its’ installation.

Warrrantying your remodeling project’s products

Now on to warranting the product you may provide. Let’s stick with this example of a light fixture and we got all of the above specifications worked out correctly. What happens in 2 months if it stops working? Naturally you would think that your remodeling contractor installed the light and should come back to make the light work again. Unfortunately he did not provide the light fixture and may not be able to come back out and fix it. You may be left to deal with the manufacturer of the light fixture to get a resolution to the issue.

Will saving money really save you money?

By providing your own fixture you may be initially saving $50, $100 or even $150. But is this savings worth it should a warranty issue arise? It is important to know both halves of the equation before approaching your remodeling contractor about providing your own products, so that you understand the risk you may be taking and why your remodeling contractor may seem less than enthusiastic about the approach. Want to talk product specifications and warranty? Give us a shout!

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