Choosing the Best Remodeling Partner for Your Remodeling Project

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Buyers beware! Remodeling partners rank second in customer complaints as reported in an article by Remodeling Magazine and according to the Consumer Federation of America.

You might be asking why a remodeling company like ours would want to pass this bit of unfortunate press onto their potential clients and consumers. Well, the answer is quite simple. We value YOU our homeowners and want to educate you as best we can when you’re considering a remodeling project.

3 of the Biggest Complaints for Remodeling Partners

  1. Shoddy workmanship
  2. Failure to start a project on time
  3. Failure to complete a project on time

Shoddy Workmanship by Remodeling Partner

We all know it and see it all the time. But what steps are you taking to protect yourself? First, when you interview your contractor of choice, take a look at their portfolio of work online (hopefully they have one). Do the quality of their pictures reflect the type of work and workmanship you are expecting? If you are having a hard time determining the level of finish from the pictures, then ask your contractor to show you some work in person. Or maybe work they are presently doing or have recently completed. Hopefully your contractor and the homeowners will be proud of the project and happy to show you what they have completed. But if not, buyer beware!

Starting a Project on Time

If you have worked through the design process with your contractor, you should already have a pretty good baseline of how they work. If you signed a construction contract, it should have as part of the contract, the actual start date. But if for some reason your project is not starting on time, buyer beware! Dig a little into why your project has not started. Is your contractor over committed to other projects? Is he using your deposit money to complete another project? Is he just not good at time management? Or could it be that the permitting process and approval is taking longer than expected? If your project is “failing to launch” be sure you know the reason why. Buyers beware!

Completing a Project on Time

Hopefully you are addressing this issue before you start your project. How can you increase your odds of completing your project on time? Check references. Typically, past performance does predict future performance, so don’t hesitate to ask previous clients. Check testimonials and reviews. Again, hopefully they have some jobs online to review. How has your contractor performed? Are they generally positive and address completion issues? Lastly, what does your contract say about your completion date? This should be spelled out from day one.


So I say with all sincerity, “Don’t be a statistic!” Educate yourself,  know why you are choosing your contractor and don’t get caught choosing the cheapest as those firms aren’t always meeting their homeowners expectations.


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