Bringing the Hidden Costs for Remodeling Projects into the Light

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Home Improvement Shows Make Radical Transformations on Small Budgets

How do they do that? The short answer is there are often times hidden costs or investments that homeowners must make for a successful remodeling project. And home improvement shows don’t often address those costs. If you are anything like me, you love snuggling up on the couch watching a couple of episodes of your favorite home improvement show. And also maybe like me, you are a bit tainted and confused by the prices they quote for the various projects they accomplish. For someone like me, with decades of experience in the industry doing these types of projects day in and day out, there have to be costs they are not considering when accomplishing these transformations. I think we can all get our heads around the pricing of hard cost products such as cabinetry, countertops, and appliances. But what about the costs that most people don’t think about when considering a remodeling project.

Building Permits

First, you need to understand building permits. Most remodeling projects require building permits to be filed. Who is responsible for this and who typically applies for the permits? Usually, your licensed contractor applies and pays for this and then includes these costs as part of their pricing to you.

Trash and Debris Removal

Second, you need to know that any remodeling and demolition waste needs to be removed from your property. Dumpsters, while not a huge expense, are a cost that is necessary if any materials need to be removed from your home. Things like cabinets, carpeting, drywall, and 2x4s are some of the most common items that require dumpsters rather than using residential garbage cans that are not equipped to handle construction materials and debris. A commercial dumpster is really the most practical way to address this need. But these dumpsters are not free to use, there are rental fees along with dump fees associated with the use of them. It is important to know that more than one dumpster and the size of the dumpsters needed is relative to the size and scope of your project. Your experienced contractor can estimate this need most accurately.

Demolition Costs

Speaking of things coming out of the house, there will be demolition costs just to get you back to “ground zero” so you can begin your remodel project. Some demolition like removing shower tile or kitchen cabinets is obvious, but there are finer points to demolition that we take care in delivering such as removing and reinstalling window treatments and coverings. Your construction team should handle all aspects of your home and the demolition with care and consideration down to the smallest detail.

Other Hidden Cost Considerations

There are many other costs associated with remodeling projects outside the obvious expenses such as new cabinets, tile, or appliances. It’s important to discuss these costs with your design and construction team upfront so you understand the whole cost of your project. Additional considerations include things like tree removal, dust control barriers, sidewalks, and garage door openers. It’s important, also, to understand that there is a cost associated with production management and oversight of your remodeling project. These are costs that you don’t see outlined in a typical DIY TV show budget. Spend some time with your contractor reviewing your remodeling estimate and make sure you understand how and where these costs are accounted for.

Now back to that episode on Home Improvement TV that said their five-star kitchen was completed for $12,000…..not likely!

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