9 Home Design Trends for 2023

by | Apr 18, 2023 | Just For Fun, Remodeling Tips

While your home should reflect your personal style, it may also reflect the current design trends. However, design trends shouldn’t be the dominating influence over your home’s aesthetic. Trends are a great way to glean inspiration and information; not to dictate your home’s design. Here are some of the multitude of design trends I discovered for 2023 and I think beyond.

design trends

The mixture of old with new

With environmentally friendly options, a growing design trend is ditching inexpensive furniture and decor you are no longer in love with, in favor of antiques, vintage items or other investment pieces. Think antiques next to contemporary or modern furnishings.

design trendsPlaster finish

A rising design trend is adding a plaster finish to walls and ceilings to create character to the space. It adds texture and warmth to modern interiors and gives a contemporary edge to more traditional spaces. If not ready to embrace plaster everywhere, incorporate it on a fireplace surround or add a plaster hood in the kitchen for major visual impact.


In all my research, I found greatly varying discussions on the use of color for 2023. My take-away is that it’s all about your desire for creative expression. No fear of picking the right or wrong color palette if you love it. But if you really want to be on top of the most common color trends, here are three I came across over and over.

  • Bold colors
    For the adventurous, adding a bright pop of color in rich cool tones such as peacock or royal blue, or emerald green, creates brighter and more vibrant spaces. Additionally, impactful reds, oranges and magenta are being widely incorporated. Not ready to paint your cabinets a new bright color yet, add bold colors on your kitchen island, your light fixtures, seating fabrics, or décor. Wallpaper also continues to trend with brighter and richer color palettes.
  • Warm and earthy colors
    If your style tends toward the subtle, consider options like light, calming blues, and pastels. Green continues to be a popular color family and remains a go-to shade and warmer beiges, tans and grays are rising in popularity over the cooler tones of gray we’ve seen in past years.
  • Neutral colors
    Neutral colors are easy to incorporate into most design schemes, whether they’re modern, contemporary, traditional, or somewhere in between. Every year we hear neutrals are going away and every year they come back stronger than ever. However, designers are gravitating toward warmer and different neutral shades. In 2023, expect colors we don’t normally consider neutrals to join this stage—desaturated blues and greens, tones of desert sand, sun-washed terra cotta, and warm blushes.

Lighting as a design feature

Experiment with design and technology with multi-point lighting. Try different globe styles or heights of lights that differ from traditional. In 2023 we expect to see more statement chandeliers, pendants, and wall sconces in a variety of shapes and materials as well as accent lighting to accentuate architectural features of the home, such as art and décor, an illuminated column, or LED lights to highlight a recessed ceiling.

design trendsInterior door trends

Dark colors are climbing in popularity for interior doors, such as black. As the trend for grey wanes, black internal doors are bold and striking compared to the traditional matching of the trim color.  Incorporating mixed metal finishes is a new design trend and growing in popularity as are doors with an unusual design.


design trendsWhile wallpaper in powder rooms is not a new or groundbreaking design trend, it’s going to get bigger and bolder in 2023. Powder rooms are the perfect place to really go bold with unique, patterned wallpaper since they are self-contained spaces. In addition, wallpaper designs such as wavy striped patterns or retro 1970’s vibes are in, and it’s use in unexpected places such as inside drawers, on wardrobe panels, inside bookshelves and even on the ceiling.


design trendsEmbrace the mirrored backsplash

Modern and reflective, many are choosing mirrored backsplashes (even in the kitchen). Various materials, colors and level of reflection can meet your own preference. Smoky mirrored backsplashes are very chic and trendy right now and there are a multitude of mirror shapes and sizes to choose from.

Mix textures and fabrics

Consider balance, movement, and direction when mixing patterns and textures, and whether you want the feel of the space to be soothing or energizing. This can be accomplished in décor, wallpaper, materials, and accessories. Some designers layer wood, rattan, stone, metal finishes and concrete in one room to create a dynamic style that’s full of visual and tactile interest.

Curb-less showers

design trendsBarrier free entry showers allow easy entry and exit. They are ideal for kids and are a necessity in an ADA bathroom. While not new in bathroom design, it is growing in popularity as we consider aging in place. It allows small spaces to feel larger and is visually appealing.



How we design and how we decorate our homes has a great impact on how we feel about spending time there and is something we should carefully think through. For this to be achieved, it is also important to find a balance between personal style and current design trends to create a cohesive space that reflects one’s individuality.

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