1000 Reasons to Like Houzz

by | Oct 26, 2016 | Project Planning | 0 comments

1000 saves houzzWe love Houzz and Houzzers seem to love us. In fact, we’re excited to have reached 1000 saves on our Houzz site. With 20 projects and a five star rating, we love being able to share our work and decorating ideas that inspire.

While updating our projects, we came across a great article on Houzz to help Houzzers use the site even more effectively. You should read the whole article, but here are our 3 favorite tips from that article here:

  1. Better searches: Searching for photos that have more than one specific attribute? Use the “+” before each word in your search. If you want to see photos that have red, refrigerator and granite in them, then search for +red +refrigerator +granite.
  2. Get personalized recommendations: In the left column of Your Houzz, you can chekc out the Recommended Photos link to see photos that are recommended based on your current favorites. If you’re looking for new professional to follow based on your style, use The Suggestions tab on your feed.
  3. Add photos to your ideabooks: Use the Houzz Bookmarklet to add photos from any website to your ideabooks – because the millions of ideas on the Houzz site may note be enough!

Happy Houzz-ing!

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