Which Comes First, the Chicken or the Egg? Making Your Remodeling Selections.

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Selecting all of the products for a renovation project can be very overwhelming. At Corinthian, our goal is to make the selection process as simple and enjoyable as possible by sharing our knowledge of various materials and styles to the best of our ability. Our clients have told us they are grateful to have someone designated to help them wade through the myriad of decisions so they can make informed choices while staying on budget.

I am often asked, “what do we select first”? And the answer is usually, “It depends.” It’s truly dependent on what is most important to the homeowner. In listening to a home owner describe the look and feel for the space that they are envisioning, I’m able to discern those elements that seem to be where they want the WOW factor. I can hear in their voice when they are describing something that really appeals to them and when I see their excitement, I take note to ensure we pay special attention to the details in that area of selection. It could be a counter top or particular tile or light fixtures.

How Does the Kitchen Design Process Work?

When designing a kitchen, we typically will start with the appliances so we can design the cabinet layout to their specifications. We typically select cabinet finish and hardware at this point also. After appliances and cabinets, we choose countertops, plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures and the backsplash. Some home owners have a definite countertop they would like to use, so we’ll get a sample to take with us when looking at tile. Others envision their tile as the focal point, in which case we’ll select the tile and take a sample with us to look at countertops. Lastly, we take all of the selections we’ve made to then pick out plumbing and lighting fixtures. This ensures that cabinet hardware finish works with the faucets and lights.

We Love Helping People Make Selections

There are many details and decisions involved in even a simple renovation and we love helping our home owners throughout the process. You will often find us carting bags of samples to our home owner meetings so we can see all of elements of the remodel while making selections. This approach helps us see things we might not see until it’s expensively too late to change. For example, not all whites are the same so when selecting white tile, white counter and white cabinets we know they all play well together even though the aren’t exactly the same white.

So, whether you love tile or prefer to build your kitchen around that beautiful Statuario marble island, it doesn’t really matter where you start making your remodeling project. What’s important is that you love each selection and how beautifully they work together. And that’s why our home owners love to work with us. Once you’ve settled into your new kitchen, have us over for an omelet to celebrate!

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