What is the Corinthian Process for a Remodeling Project?

by | Dec 12, 2023 | Remodeling Considerations, Remodeling Ideas, Remodeling Tips

Embarking on a new remodeling project is an exciting venture, but understanding how much it may cost and what the process will look like can be overwhelming. Our team at Corinthian is here for you every step of the way to ensure that you feel heard and supported as you begin your remodel with us. Here’s a glimpse into what the process will look like:

Initiating the Conversation

1. Initiating the Conversation

When we first get connected, we’ll gather information to discover what your needs are when it comes to your remodel project. Do you need more space? Are you looking to update aesthetics? What areas of your home aren’t functioning well? We’ll also ask you questions to determine where you’re at in the process. Whether you’re just starting to daydream about a remodel or you’ve done your research and are ready to partner with Corinthian, we want to make sure you have all of the relevant information you need.

2. Deepening Understanding

The next stage involves determining a budget. It’s important for you to decide how much you’re interested in investing into your remodel project. With 25+ years of experience and historica data to pull from, the Corithian team will help you set realistic budget expectations so that you’re fully prepared for what your project will entail. Once you have your budget, it’s time to meet up in person!

Crafting the Estimate

3. Crafting the Estimate

Our team will join you in your home to do a walk-through. Together, we’ll analyze your space, identify pain-points, and set intentions for your remodel project. Based on this information, Corinthian will deliver an Opinion of Cost that includes an estimate of the price range of your project prior to making final selections.

4. Signing the Design Retainer Agreement (DRA)

Once you accept the Opinion of Cost, the next step is to sign the Design Retainer Agreement (DRA). This document formalizes our agreement by outlining the cost breakdown, project scope, and other crucial details. The DRA serves as a blueprint for the project, ensuring that both parties are committed to the agreed-upon terms. In this stage, we’ll also develop drawings, assign your designer, and help you select finishes. From door knobs to tile, every piece of your project is secured and priced so that there are no surprises along the way.

5. Project Kickoff

When the DRA has been signed and everyone is happy with the estimate for the project, the fun can begin! Corinthian will propose an accurate final price, schedule an estimated start date, and outline the duration of the project. We will also discuss the payment schedule before we kickoff the project.

    Project Kickoff

It can be overwhelming to begin a renovation or remodeling project but with clear agreements and open communication, your renovation project doesn’t have to be a financial stressor. Reach out to Corinthian Fine Homes today to begin working on your Indianapolis home renovation with our team of talented designers! Together, we’ll turn your current home into your forever home.

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