The Trend on Kitchen Trends 2021

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After spending hours researching several sources for the 2021 kitchen trends, I came away more confused than enlightened. Depending on the source, kitchen trends seemed to vary, while a couple remained consistent.  I thought I would simplify what the “experts” are saying for the upcoming year and what will be popular.

Houzz reports these trends according to their research: 

  1. Light-colored marble looks for engineered surfaces such as counters
  2. Concrete and other worn looks in engineered surfaces such as counters
  3. Touchless technology
  4. Two-tone finishes, matte and polished finishes
  5. Two-texture faucets, such as rough and smooth textures
  6. Slim appliances
  7. Drawer appliances such as microwaves and refrigerators
  8. Drawer and cabinet organizers
  9. The color blue
  10. Appliance panels

Additionally, they said that their research survey for US kitchen trends for 2021 includes:

  1. Kitchen storage is a major focus
  2. Open concept kitchens lose their appeal-unless open to the outdoors
  3. Neutral kitchen palettes reign
  4. Kitchen islands stand out

Southern Living proposes these 12 kitchen trends:

  1. Durable materials – think quartz vs marble
  2. Pops of color – think island color or backsplash
  3. Matching backsplash and countertops
  4. Classic cabinets with a twist – less minimalism and more decorative
  5. Warmer woods – think whitewashed oak cabinets
  6. Black is big too
  7. Waterfall edges on cabinetry ends or island
  8. Textured walls – textured plaster
  9. Arches and curves for doorways and openings
  10. Accent lighting
  11. Creative storage
  12. More functional storage

National Kitchen and Bath Association state the 2021 trends are:

  1. Lighter colored quartz countertops
  2. Slab or long subway tile backsplashes
  3. L-shaped kitchens with large islands will dominate
  4. Organic/natural styles are rising in popularity
  5. Dedicated areas for device charging

Country Living predicts the following kitchen trends:

  1. Kitchen curves
  2. Integrated Range hoods that blend into the tile
  3. Colorful kitchen islands
  4. Bright colored cabinets
  5. Modern black
  6. New rustic
  7. Terra Cotta tiles
  8. Marble kitchen countertops
  9. Kitchen larders
  10. Handmade kitchen tiles
  11. Reclaimed wood kitchen cabinetry
  12. Kitchen wallpaper
  13. Kitchen plate racks
  14. Mix and match metals
  15. Hidden kitchen appliances
  16. Open shelving
  17. Standout sinks
  18. Natural wood tones
  19. Tons of texture
  20. Swoon-worthy ceilings
  21. Hints of color
  22. Open kitchen and living spaces
  23. Pretty pantries
  24. Range of colors
  25. Copper accents
  26. Butcher block countertops
  27. Concealed range hoods
  28. Think beyond gray
  29. Darker floors
  30. Old English inspiration

Veranda’s designers predict these kitchen trends:

  1. Think outside the blasé box
  2. Tile, tile everywhere
  3. Beautiful organization is a top priority
  4. The rise of the moody colored kitchen
  5. Designer walk-in pantry
  6. Rethinking upper cabinets with open shelving
  7. Tastefully hidden appliances and smart technology
  8. The resurgence of craftsmanship
  9. Ditching the classic stainless steel hood
  10. The return of “second” kitchens
  11. Investing in fancier fixtures and finishes
  12. More environmentally conscious design
  13. Greater interest in outdoor kitchens
  14. Seeing the kitchen as the actual heart of the home

Elle Décor says these are the top 2021 kitchen trends:

  1. Green cabinetry…literally the color green
  2. Aesthetically pleasing cookware
  3. Heavy-duty paint
  4. Maximizing storage
  5. Restaurant quality appliances
  6. Sleek finishes
  7. Smart faucets

House and Home boast these kitchen trends:

  1. Green cabinetry – as in the hue of green
  2. Statement stone – countertops and backsplashes
  3. Moody hues
  4. Artistic touches
  5. Prep kitchens
  6. Eye-catching vent hoods
  7. Hybrid islands- multiple uses
  8. Vintage hutches
  9. Old world fireplaces
  10. Small space solutions

So, you can see where my confusion arises from. Some of the trends are contradictory. According to these sources, countertops should be light-colored, (concrete, quartz, marble, and butcher block) with a waterfall edge. Our cabinets should be neutral palette (moody colored, green, blue, pops of color, warm wood tones, black, rustic, reclaimed wood, bright, hints of color, range of color, and NOT gray). And our faucets should be touchless, two-toned, and two textured.  Hmm.  All so-called experts agree that storage is a must and should be functional and pretty and that appliances are becoming more creative in size and placement.

Kitchens That Make You Love Where You Live

My takeaway from this exercise is to recommend you work with your design team on a kitchen that makes YOUR heart sing. Design to your creative fancy including the functional aesthetics that make sense for you and your family to absolutely LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE. And Corinthian would love to come alongside you to realize your dream kitchen regardless of what color cabinetry you pick.


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