Shower Seats:  To Sit or Not to Sit

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While a shower seat or bench in your shower provides safety for the aging, it is also a convenience and can provide additional functional use for all of us.  Depending on the layout of your shower and space you must work with, it can provide a seat to relax for your showering experience, a place to rest your foot to shave (ladies), or a wheelchair-accessible seat for the aging or unsteady.

Types of Shower Seats

  1. Floating– Securely attached to the shower wall but open underneath. It provides a minimal or more modern aesthetic, and a variety of materials can be used.  Professional installation is a must to ensure it is strong enough to sit on. Check out the entire project.

modern master bath remodel shower detail

  1. Built in with Base– Provides the most support and can accommodate all sizes of people. You can get creative in the use of materials, using one material for the “face” of the base and another for the seat itself. See the entire project.

Shower Floor and Ceiling- 2x2 Soho White Matte Porcelain Mosaic, , Shower Walls: Moonlight 3x6 tiles by American Olean in horizontal brick pattern, Niche: Gypsea Midas tile by Lungarro Gypsea for back of the niche, Vettis Shower Trim, Rio 5 Function Shower Head, grab bars in shower, Frameless Glass Enclosure with Hinged Door, glass wall tile in shower, shower niche, tiled shampoo shelf, Color Quartz Frost White Shower Bench

  1. Folding– Space saving solution for a smaller shower, a folding seat requires special blocking to ensure it remains attached to the wall. It is a great alternative for a seat that is not used all the time and be flipped out of the way when not in use. See the entire project.

Basketweave tile floor, bronze cassidy shower fixtures, flip up shower seat, gray basket weave with calcutta mosaic, shower with knee wall, gray and white shower

  1. Stand Alone– For a shower that does not have a seat integrated into the design or a less permanent option is wanted, a stand-alone seat is a great choice. They are often made of Teak wood which does require some maintenance such as regular oiling and they can slip or slide on the floor of the shower, so are not optimal for the unsteady.

teak stand alone shower stool

Considerations when using a bath seat or bench

When installing a shower seat or bench, there are several things to consider:

  1. The slope of the top so water runs off rather than pools on the surface
  2. The size of the shower and the number of people to use it at a time
  3. The other purposes for the showers’ use such as washing your St Bernard
  4. The depth of the bench is negotiable, but the average height of the seat is 17”-19”
  5. Placement of the seat can be in a corner, the length of one shower wall, or tucked away in an alcove. (Note: Code requires a minimum clearance of a 30” radius on the shower floor)

Whatever shower seat type you choose, you cannot go wrong with its addition to your shower. For improved functionality, aesthetic appeal, and the resale value added to your home, a shower seat is a great addition to any shower. We find we are incorporating them into most showers we design and would be happy to discuss your future bathroom renovation needs.

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