Top 5 Bathroom Remodel Features

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Advancements in engineering and technology have made it all the way to the bathroom! If you are considering a bathroom remodel, we have pulled together a list of popular yet affordable luxuries that we suggest homeowners consider as part of their project.

#1 Radiant Heat

Many of our homeowners want radiant floor heat in their bathrooms (and sometimes other rooms like sun rooms). Radiant heat warms wood, tile and concrete floors from underneath sending heat into the room to keep you (and your feet) warm. You’ll enjoy your radiant floors year round, but especially in the winter when you’ll be happy to walk barefoot in your bathroom!

#2 Hidden Toilets

Another thing homeowners ask us for when remodeling their bathroom is to hide the toilet from the sightline. Often times that means strategically adding a wall or even moving the toilet into it’s own separate room. And for homeowners who want even less of their toilet to ‘show’, an in-wall tank is a good option.

#3 Zero Threshold Shower

#4 Infinity Drain

infinity drain bathroom shower remodel

Infinity Drain

A stunning addition to a zero threshold shower (or any shower for that matter), is an infinity drain. Do away with the traditional center floor drain and instead use a sleek, linear drain positioned along the edge of the shower floor. This low profile approach gives any shower a modern, clean design.

#5 All-in-one Shower Light/Fan

And while we’re talking about modern, clean design let’s not forget lighting. Keep your ceilings and fixtures simple but incorporating an all-in-one shower light and fan. Going with an all-in-one option, you will have at least one less fixture in your ceiling. And with the growing choices of finishes and sizes, there are several options to meet your aesthetic.

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