The Motivations Behind a Kitchen Remodel

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After being in business for 21+ years, we’ve done many kitchen remodels. From simple “pull and replace” kitchen remodels to full blown kitchen re-designs with removal of walls and completely new layouts, we’ve done them all. Part of our process is to identify the reasons why our homeowners want to remodel their kitchen, and in our opinion, it boils down to 4 major motivations.

Why Remodel Your Kitchen

  1. Appreciation: Not only is there the gratitude for the newly remodeled space, which is obviously an important feeling of appreciation, but there is value of appreciation. According to Remodeling Magazine in their annual Cost vs. Value article; if you do a mid-range kitchen remodel for $75,000 (yes, this is mid-range in cost) you will increase the value of your home by $42,000. That is a 55% return on your money. Or when considering an “up-scale” kitchen remodel for $150,000 or more, you would increase the value of your home by $80,000 or a 53% return on your money. I wish I could say the return on your investment is 100% but this is still a substantial return on your money. The aesthetics and function of the kitchen is often one of the key components to a homebuyer selecting the home they do.
  2. Functionality: How a kitchen is used, and functions is another key reason most of our homeowners give as a primary reason to remodel. Many aspects of the kitchen are used and touched on an almost hourly basis. Many of these products, such as appliances, plumbing and lighting fixtures, etc. have not only improved in looks, but also have improved in function. Additionally, they have improved in options to further allow for increased customization per homeowner. Among the common elements we recommend in designing our homeowners’ kitchens are:
    1. Soft close doors and drawers on cabinets – not only do they tend to last longer, but they keep fingers from accidentally getting smashed.
    2. A Microwave drawer – it gets the microwave off the counter or out from under a cabinet creating more space.
    3. Air switches to turn on and off your garbage disposal – a button placed in the countertop that uses the pressure of air to turn your disposal on and off.
    4. LED lights under the cabinets – Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting is the most popular and most energy-efficient type.
    5. Quartz counter tops – they are more uniform in appearance in a wide range of colors, are easier to repair, and require less maintenance and are durable.
    6. Separate coffee station – it can not only streamline your morning routine, but it can also be a statement space when entertaining.
    7. Touchless faucets – they are germ-free, convenient, conserve water, and easier to maintain.
    8. Specialized storage – custom cabinets with deep drawers, dividers and inserts specific to your needs.
    9. Enclosed trash and recycling – not only do they smell bad and are tempting to pets, but trash cans also take up floor space.
    10. Built-in refrigerator – if you love the built-in look, the use of refrigerators that line up perfectly with lower cabinets is the way to go. Take it a step further with matching cabinet panels and your fridge blends into your cabinetry.
  3. Aesthetics: Kitchens are the nucleus of the home, a place not only for the function of meal prep, but also for family gathering, homework and entertaining. The kitchens of old were utilitarian and served one function; they were simply a place for cooking and cleanup. We believe the kitchens now should be a beautiful space that is not only functional; making cooking and cleanup enjoyable, but also a space that should be attractive and inviting, exhibiting the homeowner’s personality. For the daring, use a pop of color in your cabinetry (such as the island) or use two different colors of cabinetry. Get creative with your tile backsplash with a fun tile or tile pattern. If the space permits, open the kitchen to other living spaces. Bring additional natural light in with a new window or skylight. Add additional seating at the island or use a banquette and table in a corner of the kitchen. Use lighting as a statement and feel free to mix and match your plumbing and lighting finishes.
  4. Quality of life is defined as “the standard of health, comfort, and happiness experienced by an individual or group”. As the hub of your home, your kitchen should be a place your family and friends gather to cook, eat, laugh, and create memories. It should be a place that makes you feel good. The use of new technology makes the use of the kitchen easier and enjoyable to use (some ranges will literally cook for you). How the kitchen makes our homeowners feel is often one of most important elements of a remodel.

What’s your motivation to remodel your kitchen?

In a nutshell, we reassure our homeowners that a kitchen remodel is typically a great decision. Since they are talking about remodeling their kitchen and have taken it to the step of contacting us, there is at least one reason why. They are currently not satisfied with their kitchen in some way. Whether it be the functionality, the aesthetics, the quality of life or how the kitchen will increase the value of their home, these are typically all touched on in their rationale. The order of priority may just differ from homeowner to homeowner, but it almost always comes back to how their kitchen makes them feel. Our desire is that you have the kitchen that you love; that checks all the boxes in function, looks, bells and whistles, and is your favorite room of the home. The kitchen is not only a gathering place for family and friends, but also a place where memories are homemade and seasoned with love.

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