5 Steps to Prepare for a Primary Bathroom Remodel

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Of all the rooms in your home, the bathroom is one of the most used. When preparing for a bathroom remodel you may be thinking, “how in the world am I going to survive this?” Knowing how to prepare for a bathroom remodel is one of the most important aspects of the process, especially if this is your only bathroom in the house.

Bathroom remodel considerations and decisions

  1. Schedule move-out day. One to two days before the bathroom remodel start date, pack up everything in the bathroom. This includes everything in your shower, vanity drawers, decorations, shelves, and decorative mirrors. If you have other areas that will be impacted by the renovation, such as a closet, also prepare those areas (rolling clothing carts are inexpensive and can be a life saver). Sort and organize the toiletries, into three categories:
    a. Everyday items. Place the everyday toiletries you’ll need during your bathroom remodel into the first box.
    b. Extras and seldom-used items. Face masks, deep-conditioning treatments, special makeup, extra razors, shaving cream, lotions, shampoos, and soaps go in the next box for storage.
    c. Unopened items. Think hard about those samples from hotels and gifts-with-purchase from department stores. Chances are if you haven’t opened them yet, you never will. Place the unopened items in a donation bin for a homeless shelter or other charitable organization that desperately needs toiletries.
  2. Set up a makeshift bathroom. If you depend on the bathroom that’s under construction for daily use (or if it’s your only bath) you will want a plan. A small table in your bedroom can serve as a place to do your hair or makeup. A powder bath, your kitchen, or a wet bar may be your temporary face washing and tooth brushing station. Dry shampoo and baby wipes may be your friend.
  3. Say yes to all offers of help. Friends and family will probably offer help when they hear you are planning a bathroom remodel. Whenever there are offers to the use of a shower, take it. An invitation to spend the weekend with friends or go out of town, do it. If you have access to a bathroom, use it. Additionally, while it may sound extreme, showering at the gym or pool are options.
  4. Schedule everyone’s bathroom routines. Think about what everyone’s bathroom habits are. Mornings are especially busy, so some family members may need to wake up a little earlier than usual to allow everyone the time and hot water they need. If it’s not your only bathroom, you may decide to stagger who showers in the morning and who showers at night. Have a plan for the whole family and talk about it prior to the start of construction.
  5. Have a plan for your kids and pets. Talk with your contractor about any concerns you may have about a pet potentially escaping out the door during the bathroom remodel or getting into the construction area. Keeping pets in a closed off space is recommended to prevent injury. If your pet is anxious, see if a friend can pet-sit during the loud and dusty phase of demo. Kids are intrigued by what’s happening during the construction process. Treat the construction site as a work-zone, only visiting in the evenings once work has stopped and only with adult supervision.
  6. Focus on the end result. Embrace the process and take plenty of before and work-in-progress photos. Keep your eyes on the prize—that dream bathroom, the updates you’ve been wanting for years, the features that will clinch a higher home sale price. Remember that the discomfort is only temporary and that the results will be worth it.

While remodeling a bathroom is stress-inducing, it will serve as a place of calm and relaxation once the project is finished! Work with your contractor to get through any hiccups and remember it will be so worth it. Follow these tips and give yourself grace. Check out our bathroom remodels. We’d love the opportunity to help you love your bathroom.

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