Timeless Historical Kitchen Restoration to its Glory Days

This 1922 historical home in Meridian Kessler was ready for a few updates that remained true to its original elegant charm while including modern amenities and finishes. The kitchen was updated in the 90’s and received most of our focus with a combination of refurbished fixtures and materials seamlessly blending old with the new.

The kitchen had been renovated in the 1990’s, but we reconfigured it for improved function and openness. The 90’s renovation had left the main windows in the existing space with varying heights. By raising the low window to match the others it gives a more cohesive layout and allowed a large run of cabinets on the hood wall. There was a brick chimney in the existing kitchen that was covered with cabinetry. We stripped the chimney to raw brick and faux painted it for uniformity. A small island now wraps the chimney brick and integrates the classic elements of the original while providing a modern aesthetic. Classic elements in the cabinetry, backsplash, lighting, and plumbing fixtures mimic the history of the home. The 90’s prefinished oak flooring was replaced with slim slat oak and stained to match the original oak floor in the rest of the home for a seamless transition of old to new.

The finished renovation restores this beautiful home to its original aesthetic while maintaining the historical details. It is a stunning blend of history and modern style with improved functionality for today’s family.

Location: Meridian Kessler in Indianapolis, IN

Unique Features:

  • Stainless steel appliances with matching hood
  • Unique island incorporating a restored brick chimney
  • New windows for symmetry and aesthetics

Credits: Photography by Sara C Imagery

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