Ogden Portfolio

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

When this busy family moved into a historic home in Meridian-Kessler, they fell in love with the home’s charm and unique features. However, after living in it for a short while, they realized that, while they loved the look and feel of the home, the traditional closed-off design – particularly in the kitchen, dining room, and breakfast nook areas – did not meet the needs of their young family.

We partnered with them to open up the kitchen, dining room, and breakfast nook areas to achieve a more modern open concept layout for the main level of their home. The end result was a luxury kitchen with an eat-in nook and entertainment features that flow seamlessly into a convenient mini-bar and mudroom area with direct access to the outdoor living space and garage.

To accomplish this, we tore down walls, reorganized windows, moved doorways, and located or created custom finish elements to achieve the right balance of modern convenience and luxury with the home’s historic architecture.

Removing several walls left gaps in the historic hardwood flooring. Our in-house team worked with a local artisan flooring contractor to repair and piece in missing flooring with salvaged or aged planks that were customized to match the finish and wear of the original flooring.

We also preserved the original (and still functional!) laundry chute, as a nod to the home’s history, and incorporated modern conveniences, like a television mounted on a pivot for easy viewing throughout the kitchen area and a built-in dining area connected to the kitchen island so the whole family can cook, relax, or do homework together rather than be separated by walls and doors. To provide convenient food storage space, we utilized the area that formerly housed a sunken refrigerator to create a pantry with a custom, aged wood door featuring an antique crystal doorknob.

The highlight of the project was preserving the original leaded glass components of the home’s historic windows. We worked with local partners to install PELLA replacement windows with historical features, like a casement-style opening, and the original leaded glass components included in the window panes for an authentic replica of the original aesthetic with the convenience, energy efficiency, and security of a modern window!

A light, airy color palette of green, light gray and natural wood incorporates elements of biophilic design while bronze hardware and fixtures give a nod to the home’s history and original aesthetic. As in every remodel we complete, each aspect of our design took into consideration this family’s desire to maximize their time together by creating an enjoyable and convenient living space in the areas where they spend the most time after busy days at work and school.

As a family with small children, our clients were looking for luxury and livability. Our team did an excellent job of carefully selecting design elements and creating ease of movement throughout the kitchen area, ensuring that no fixture or feature of their designs was “too precious” for the rigors of this family’s daily routine.

The goal throughout was to achieve a loveable and livable design that honored the home’s history while providing the convenience and freedom this family desired for the heart of their home. Mission accomplished!

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