Kitchen Remodeling & Design

The kitchen is the heart of your home. But if you don’t love your kitchen, let us help you modernize it to meet your family’s needs with our innovative kitchen remodeling and design team. Want to have more countertop work space? Or want to add a beautiful island to connect your kitchen seamlessly to your living space? Or are you considering smart appliances and the latest kitchen technology? Corinthian can give you the kitchen of your dreams with our unique kitchen remodeling and design in Indianapolis.

Corinthian has proudly completed kitchen remodeling projects in Indianapolis and beyond. We work with homeowners in Meridian Kessler, Williams Creek, Butler Tarkington, Meridian Hills, Geist, Zionsville and Carmel.

Our Featured Kitchen Remodeling Projects In Indianapolis

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Blog: Kitchen Design and Remodel Articles

Read our most recent thoughts on kitchen remodeling from how to plan for your remodel to kitchen design ideas.

Project PlanningKitchen 101

DIY: How to Keep Your Cooktop Shiny & Clean

Keeping your cooktop clean is no small task. This is slightly tongue in cheek as I am NOT always on top of wiping down my cooktop right after making our 7-course dinner (well…maybe 1-course dinner), but with 3 of our 4 kids home, my cooktop is definitely getting more use than usual. It has been known to stay greasy and goopy until breakfast the next day. Obviously while wiping up splatters and cooked on grease while cooking is best for…
June 16, 2020
Project PlanningKitchen 101

Kitchen 101: Refrigerators and Freezers

Choosing refrigerators and freezers may not seem too difficult. However, when we work with a homeowner interested in a kitchen renovation, we assist them in making well-educated decisions on many options of which a refrigerator and freezer are near the top of the list. Refrigerator Width People are often influenced by the things they grew up with, and believe it or not, refrigerators are no different! There are many more options in refrigerators today than there were when we grew…
Rob Froehlich
June 16, 2020
Project PlanningKitchen 101

Demystifying Kitchen Island Lighting

Homeowners ask for guidance on choosing the “right” size or style of light fixtures over their kitchen island, but my response is that there is no true “right” type of fixture or even size of that fixture. It truly is a personal preference. That being said, there are a couple of general rules of thumb you can use when installing pendants or a linear suspension fixture for your kitchen island lighting. Island Lighting Pendant Size and Placement I typically work…
November 26, 2019