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Finish Phase for Your Remodeling Project

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It has finally arrived, the Finish Phase of your remodeling project is here. Not the finish line, but the finish phase. The finish line is still just around the corner. So why is there so much excitement around the Finish Phase of your remodeling project? Because your project has hit the mid-point of your renovation and it is mostly downhill from here! Your Mechanical Phase was completed with the culmination of the city inspecting all of our work and giving…

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Mechanical Phase for Remodeling Projects

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You have now entered the mechanical phase of your renovation project. You might be thinking… is this when my auto mechanic is going to show up to my house and start working on it? Well no. This phase might sound a bit foreign to you and maybe you’ve heard this phase called the “rough-in” phase. It is when we “rough-in” or do the work behind walls and ceilings in preparation for the final finish stages of all mechanical systems. Mechanical…

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