Top 5 Bathroom Remodel Features

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Advancements in engineering and technology have made it all the way to the bathroom! If you are considering a bathroom remodel, we have pulled together a list of popular yet affordable luxuries that we suggest homeowners consider as part of their project. #1 Radiant Heat Many of our homeowners want radiant floor heat in their bathrooms (and sometimes other rooms like sun rooms). Radiant heat warms wood, tile and concrete floors from underneath sending heat into the room to keep you…

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Home Remodel DIY or Hire A Pro?

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Is a DIY remodel the best for your needs? With the growth of YouTube and the home improvement channels, many people consider taking on a home remodeling project themselves. And for some projects, that may be a great idea. But for anyone who has made 6 trips to their hardware store on a Saturday trying to finish a project, a DIY remodel may not be the right answer. The National Association of the Remodeling Industry recently published a quiz to help…

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Tips for Successful Remodeling Projects

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Good advice. Great project. Better Homes & Gardens published a great article on 15 tips for a successful remodeling projects. You can read the whole list at BHG, but we wanted to highlight the three tips that jumped out to us: Tip 1: Plan Ahead – By making your product selections early in the process, you’ll have a good idea of the project schedule and an even better idea of your project budget. Some products have a substantial lead times,…

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What Does Your Home’s Handshake Say About You?

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Your home can reach out and touch someone! When your family and friends or even someone driving by, see your front door, it’s the equivalent of shaking your hand. Your door and entry, set the stage for what’s inside. When building or remodeling, don’t forget your handshake. It’s one of those little details that speaks volumes about the tone you wish to set for your home. Your door and it’s hardware should be an important and fun part of your…

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