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Renovation ROI – Getting the Best Return on Investment

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Sometimes our clients remodel for the passion of it, but more often than not, they make remodeling choices based on what will be most valuable when they decide to sell. While there are no guarantees, there are some remodeling projects that typically provide higher returns on the investment. Our friends at House Beautiful shared their list which got us thinking. Here are 3 of our favorite investment-savvy renovations.

Kitchen Smorgasbord

It seems that no matter how nice the other rooms in your house are, people congregate in the kitchen. Maybe it’s your queso dip or maybe it’s because the kitchen is the heart of your home. Remodeling a kitchen can mean more storage, better appliances, a larger island and a more comfortable place for food, fun and family. What is your biggest kitchen complaint (besides your family leaving dirty dishes in the sink)? We can help (maybe not with the dirty dishes part)!

kitchen remodel, indianapolis home remodeling, corinthian fine homes

See more pictures of this Corinthian Remodel.

Best Basements Ever

Before you think about expanding the footprint of your house, consider enhancing your basement. Whether you want a man cave or an entertainment space that’s the envy of your neighbors, a basement is one of the most flexible spaces in your home. Extra bedrooms? And exercise space? If you can dream it, your basement can become it!

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See more pictures of this Corinthian Remodel.

Laundry & Utility Rooms

Have you considered adding a utility sink to your laundry room or a dog bath to your utility room? There are several ways to turn what maybe the most ‘boring’ room into one of the most functional and even beautiful. Beauty in utility!

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See more pictures of this Corinthian project.

There are several other good ROI renovations. Give us a call and we can chat about your ideas!

3 Ways To Make Your Laundry Room Work Even Harder

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Did you think it was possible to make one of the hardest working parts of your home work even harder? It is! And here are three of our favorite ideas from an article posted by our friends from Houzz.

Add a Dog Washing Tub

If you’re tired of your four-footed friend lounging in your bath tub, consider adding a dog washing station to your laundry room remodel. It’s even better if your laundry opens to the outdoors or garage. Make sure you tile your floors and the washing station to make cleanup easy.
dog tub utility room

Add Some Built-Ins

Looking for a better place for your ironing board? Or maybe you want some hampers that the family actually thinks are fun to use? You can put the ‘fun’ in functional by adding a variety of different built-ins.

laundry built ins

See more pictures of this Corinthian project.

Install a Floor Drain

While you’re contemplating a tiled floor in your laundry, you should also think about having a floor drain installed as well. A floor drain is great if you have a drip dry rack and it’s even better if your washer has a little accident!

floor drain

man cave

The Making of A Man Cave

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June is the month of weddings and Father’s day! So it wouldn’t be complete without a look at some of the most interesting man cave renovations we’ve seen. Maybe one of these ideas will inspire your man cave make over!

Make an actual cave

If you have the space and depth, consider making your man cave and actual cave! And if you can’t dig a basement below your basement, consider using rich textures like stone, wood and interesting lighting to get that cave-like effect.

Create Your Own Sports Center

Theater seating, multiple HDTV options, a beautiful bar and sports memorabilia can make a fun man cave that the whole family (and neighborhood) can enjoy.

Make The Garage Your Home

Sometimes a man’s home is his garage. But why stop at just a place to park the car and store the mower? If you love cars or just ending up spending a lot of your time in the garage, consider adding a comfortable seating area and TV. This garage turned man-cave even has a fridge and microwave!

What’s Your Man Cave?

Some of these ideas may be a bit out of reach, but the spirit of these rooms can be translated into almost any man cave whether your entire basement or a room above the garage. If you’re considering a man cave make over, let us know!
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Getting the Best from your Contractor

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When you’re investing in a remodeling project, you want things to go as smoothly as possible. The relationship between you and your design and construction team is the cornerstone for a successful project. Here are some of our favorite tips for getting the best from your contractor.

  1. Pick a point person – There are many conversations and decisions as part of a remodeling project. Keep things simple and clear for your family and your contractor by designating a point person to work directly with your contractor.
  2. Communicate early and often – From a signed contract to an agreed upon timeline and budget, it’s important to communicate early and often. If you have questions, ask. If you have concerns, please tell your contractor earlier. It’s much easier to address concerns about the tile before it’s installed. And your contractor should be happy to engage in a discussion about your questions so you get the home of your dreams.
  3. Plan for ‘alone time’ – Depending on the size of your remodeling project, it is likely that your contractor will need to be in your home when you are not. Whether you decide to give your contractor a key or access with a garage code, make sure you’re clear about your preferences so that your contractor can work efficiently. But do only what you’re comfortable with.
  4. Keep your kids and pets in the safe zone – Remodeling projects can be messy but they can also be dangerous to kids and pets. Safety is important for all involved, so please keep your kids and pets out of the construction zone for everyone’s peace of mind.


3 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

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Planning to remodel your kitchen? Looking for a beautiful backsplash but tired of the tile approach? While tile won’t go out of style, here are a few other materials that make an amazing looking kitchen.


If you’re lucky enough to have exposed brick walls in your kitchen, keep them! But even if your home doesn’t already have brick, you can add them and create a rich backsplash like this one by Frances Avenue in Vancouver.



There are several options when it comes to a wood backsplash from color, placement and type of wood. The options are as endless as the parties you’ll host in your beautiful new kitchen like this one by Shift in Portland.


Glass and Fabric

Find a beautiful piece of fabric and cover it with a piece of glass to bring color and life to your kitchen. This beautiful backsplash was designed by Incorporated in New York.


And we couldn’t leave out tile after all!

Or if tile is your style, then consider the angle, placement and color to achieve a unique kitchen experience like this kitchen designed by San Diego based Signature Designs Kitchen and Bath.

Corinthian Family Space Remodel

5 Decor Items To Splurge On

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We loved the article published by Architectural Digest earlier this month about home decor items to splurge on. We know our clients have a budget, but there are home accent items that are worth challenging that budget.

Of the five items listed, the two that stood out to us were:

  1. Ceilings – A beautifully designed ceiling adds to the dynamic feeling of a room. Whether you choose plaster, paneling, wall paper or other unique material, make a strong visual statement with your ceiling. Also give careful consideration to the beautiful light fixture that hangs from it.
  2. Wall Tiles – Think outside the box and consider including wall tiles in spaces other than your kitchen and bath. Tile is not only incredibly durable, but it adds a beautiful richness to any space.

The other three suggestions are an entryway table, bed linens and kitchen lighting. Read the whole article on Architectural Digest. Like the room above? See more pictures of this remodel.

Curb Appeal: Improving Your Home’s Value

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In our last blog post, we talked about creating beautiful backyard living spaces. And now we’d like to turn your sights to your front yard! Remodeling projects that enhance the exterior of your home expands your living space and adds value to your home. Here are a few of our favorite curb appeal remodeling ideas:

1. Give Your Yard Some Love

front yard landscaping

You give your wardrobe a seasonal sprucing up, so why not show your yard some love too. Consider adding a paved walkway or large planters to accent your homes entrance. Find a few places in your yard to add flowering plants or a beautiful tree. Don’t forget to use quality mulch in all your landscaping beds!

2. Upgrade Your Entryway

Wooden Front Door

Create a welcoming entry to your home by adding a covered porch or portico. Or if your home already has a porch, consider replacing the columns and rails to make a beautiful architectural statement. Your front door should be given special consideration in a remodel as it’s likely the first part of your home someone will spend time studying. Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint or a completely new door, this one change can make or break your exterior remodel. And if you have a fun streak, consider adding some colorful chairs to your porch.

3. Transform the Exterior Surfaces

If your home has traditional vinyl siding, consider replacing it with fiber cement siding. Or for a more significant transformation, replace siding with manufactured stone or brick. Explore the possibility of incorporating special materials as accents like fish-scale shingles or board-and-batten shutters.

If any of these ideas sound great but you need help designing the perfect exterior for your home, we’d love to help.


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Outdoor kitchens and more! Top 3 Spring Exterior Remodeling Projects

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Who doesn’t love spring? Everything is blooming and people turn their sites to the outdoors. We love remodeling interior spaces, but enjoy bringing the comforts of indoors outside for all to enjoy. Here are a few of the most popular spring exterior remodeling projects.

1. Patios and Outdoor Living Spaces

Let your dream vacation inspire your patio whether it’s a sunny spot in the Caribbean or a stylish garden from Italy. Why not bring back fond memories all year round? And while you’re at it, make your outdoor space as cozy as your indoor spaces. Place bright, comfortable pillows in your outdoor seating area. If you have a table and chairs on your patio, consider adding potted plants or succulents (very popular right now) as a centerpiece. And take planting to all edges of your yard with hedges or bushes for added privacy.

2. BBQ-Master Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen brings joy to the chef and family alike. From wood burning ovens to built-in gas grills, the sky really is the limit when it comes to architecting a functional and fun outdoor kitchen. Roof coverage, fans and ventilation are important considerations when designing this unique space keeping guests cool in the summer and warm on spring nights.

3. Create Structure and Flow

One of the hidden gems of a comfortable outdoor space is the use of a roof, wall or doorway that provides structure or flow through the space. For example, stone can make a beautiful backdrop behind a seating area or separate garden space. Pergolas, whether free standing or part of a deck structure, add dimension and character to any outdoor space. Combined with a trellis, you can add climbing vines and flowers to almost any area of your yard.

If you’re considering an outdoor remodel, we’d love to talk with you. Love where you live!

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Dust & Dust Control: Why During Your Remodel is as Important as After

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When you are looking to hire a remodeler, you’re usually drawn in by the before-and-after pictures and by the potential of your new space. While those photos are attractive and grab your attention, BEWARE — they don’t tell the whole story. What happens in the time between those before-and-after photos is just as important as the end result.

Your livability is our top concern during a remodeling project. We take pride in limiting the biggest threat to livability during a remodeling project: Dust

That’s why when you’re ready to hire a remodeler, make sure to discuss the during, specifically how the remodeler will take care of you while your house is being remodeled. Most homeowners want to stay in their homes during demolition and construction.We understand this, and that is why we discuss a livability plan with our clients before we start a project. This plan helps homeowners understand the timeline, logistics, dust control and safety precautions associated with the project.

That’s why we invest in the newest dust control technology to incorporate into our dust control plan and best practices. By using the groundbreaking BuildClean Dust Control System, we will capture and remove up to 90 percent of airborne dust that accumulates during your remodeling project.

Why is dust control important?

Because remodeling projects can stir up jobsite dust that can include dirt and debris, organic matter, drywall, cement, silica and sawdust. With the BuildClean Dust Control System, we collect dust at the point of generation and while it is still airborne, which is the most effective way to capture and virtually eliminate all types of worksite dust. You are not just investing in a job well done, you also would like to maintain a great home life during the project as well. To provide you and your family with the best remodeling experience, from start to finish, we use BuildClean every time.

If you want to know more about the ‘during’ our home owners experience when they remodel with us, drop us a note.

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Countertop Materials: Granite, Quartz and More

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We spend a lot of time with our home owners picking the right materials to make their remodeling project come to life. And we frequently get questions about which countertop materials are the best. The answer is…it depends! Really it comes down to analyzing the pros and cons of each surface based on the qualities of the material itself, your budget and where the countertop is going to be installed.

There are lots of good articles about various countertop materials, but here is a summary of couple of our favorites (note any pricing information you find in these links may vary for your area and based on the age of the article). You can read the full articles by following the links below.

In an article by Houzz, their research shows two out of five home owners choose granite or quartz for their countertops. Here’s a quick run down of the pros and cons of these two popular choices.

Granite Pros:

  • It has longevity – it is time-tested and has universal approval
  • It’s available in wide slabs – it’s common to find slabs more than 70″ wide
  • It costs less than most quartz options
  • It’s has natural beauty – because it’s a natural product it comes with one-of-a-kind beauty

Granite Cons:

  • It’s porous – it isn’t naturally resistant to moisture
  • It’s costs more to maintain than quartz because it should be resealed every two to five years
  • Not many simple styles – due to the natural source most granite has a busy pattern to it
  • It’s brittle

Quartz Pros:

  • It’s low maintenance
  • It’s stronger than natural stone
  • It’s in high demand – which can make it higher in price
  • It has consistent, clean styles

Quartz Cons:

  • It’s expensive
  • It’s not suitable for outdoor installations
  • Slabs look exactly the same – which can be a little cookie-cutter-like
  • It doesn’t look 100% natural

Read the full article on Houzz or check out their this other article for more detail on granite and quartz as well as solid surfacing, marble, tile, laminate and other countertop options.