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1000 Reasons to Like Houzz

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1000 saves houzzWe love Houzz and Houzzers seem to love us. In fact, we’re excited to have reached 1000 saves on our Houzz site. With 20 projects and a five star rating, we love being able to share our work and decorating ideas that inspire.

While updating our projects, we came across a great article on Houzz to help Houzzers use the site even more effectively. You should read the whole article, but here are our 3 favorite tips from that article here:

  1. Better searches: Searching for photos that have more than one specific attribute? Use the “+” before each word in your search. If you want to see photos that have red, refrigerator and granite in them, then search for +red +refrigerator +granite.
  2. Get personalized recommendations: In the left column of Your Houzz, you can chekc out the Recommended Photos link to see photos that are recommended based on your current favorites. If you’re looking for new professional to follow based on your style, use The Suggestions tab on your feed.
  3. Add photos to your ideabooks: Use the Houzz Bookmarklet to add photos from any website to your ideabooks – because the millions of ideas on the Houzz site may note be enough!

Happy Houzz-ing!

Top 5 Bathroom Remodel Features

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Advancements in engineering and technology have made it all the way to the bathroom! If you are considering a bathroom remodel, we have pulled together a list of popular yet affordable luxuries that we suggest homeowners consider as part of their project.

#1 Radiant Heat

Many of our homeowners want radiant floor heat in their bathrooms (and sometimes other rooms like sun rooms). Radiant heat warms wood, tile and concrete floors from underneath sending heat into the room to keep you (and your feet) warm. You’ll enjoy your radiant floors year round, but especially in the winter when you’ll be happy to walk barefoot in your bathroom!

#2 Hidden Toilets

Another thing homeowners ask us for when remodeling their bathroom is to hide the toilet from the sightline. Often times that means strategically adding a wall or even moving the toilet into it’s own separate room. And for homeowners who want even less of their toilet to ‘show’, an in-wall tank is a good option.

#3 Zero Threshold Shower

#4 Infinity Drain

infinity drain bathroom shower remodel

Infinity Drain

A stunning addition to a zero threshold shower (or any shower for that matter), is an infinity drain. Do away with the traditional center floor drain and instead use a sleek, linear drain positioned along the edge of the shower floor. This low profile approach gives any shower a modern, clean design.

#5 All-in-one Shower Light/Fan

And while we’re talking about modern, clean design let’s not forget lighting. Keep your ceilings and fixtures simple but incorporating an all-in-one shower light and fan. Going with an all-in-one option, you will have at least one less fixture in your ceiling. And with the growing choices of finishes and sizes, there are several options to meet your aesthetic.

Inspired for a new bathroom? We can help!

diy remodel tools

Home Remodel DIY or Hire A Pro?

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Is a DIY remodel the best for your needs?

With the growth of YouTube and the home improvement channels, many people consider taking on a home remodeling project themselves. And for some projects, that may be a great idea. But for anyone who has made 6 trips to their hardware store on a Saturday trying to finish a project, a DIY remodel may not be the right answer.

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry recently published a quiz to help home owners determine if their project is a DIY project or should be left to the pros. Here are a few of the questions. See what you think:
1. Do you enjoy physical work?
2. Are you persistent and patient (and not tempted to throw a hammer if something goes wrong)?
3. Will you actually finish the project once you start?
4. Do you have the tools AND skill needed for the job?
5. Can you produce the quality of work that you want for your home?
6. Do you have the time to finish the project (multiply your estimate by 3 unless you’re a skilled professional who has experience with your specific project)?
7. Can you do the job by yourself or will you need help from someone else (hanging drywall, for example, is a difficult job for one)
8. Are you familiar with your local building codes and permit requirements?
9. Is it safe for you to do the project – some jobs can be fatal if done incorrectly, take electrical work for example?

If you answered yes to the majority of these questions, then DIY might be the perfect approach for you. If not, consider establishing a relationship with a reputable remodeling professional who understands your design aesthetic and will happily provide a contract for the services they will provide.

If you’re considering a home remodel, we’d love to talk with you.

Love where you live!

What Does Your Home’s Handshake Say About You?

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Your home can reach out and touch someone! When your family and friends or even someone driving by, see your front door, it’s the equivalent of shaking your hand. Your door and entry, set the stage for what’s inside.

When building or remodeling, don’t forget your handshake. It’s one of those little details that speaks volumes about the tone you wish to set for your home. Your door and it’s hardware should be an important and fun part of your building or remodeling process.

Rob Receives His Certified Green Professional Certification

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May 2012– Robbie Froehlich, GMB, CGR, of Corinthian Fine Homes, Indianapolis, received his  Certified Green Professional™  (CGP) designation, identifying him as one of the building industry’s top professionals.   The Certified Green Professional™ designation recognizes builders, remodelers and other industry professionals  who incorporate green building principles into homes— without driving up the cost of construction. Classwork leading to the designation provides a solid background in green building methods, as well as the tools to reach consumers, from the organization leading the charge to provide market-driven green building solutions to the home building industry.  Administered by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) University of Housing, the CGP program is sponsored locally by the Indiana Builders Association.